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Medicinal use of Parsley in Hepatitis and Fever

Parsley : petroselinum sativum Part used: Root , leaves and seed Diuretic, aperients, expectorant. Juice is antiperiodic. Seed is febrifuge and  emmenagogue. Roots and leaves are excellent for difficult urination, … Read Mode

Medicinal use of Mandrake and Marigold

Mandrake: Podophyllum peltatum (May apple) Part used: Root Ant bilious, cathartic, emetic, diaphoretic, cholagogue, alterative, resolvent , vermifuge, deobstruent. Excellent liver and bowel regulator. Combine with senna. Has no equal … Read Mode

Medicinal use of Dandelion, Coriander, Corn silk and Creeping Jenny

Dandelion: Taraxicum dens-leonis Part used: Leaves and root Hepatic, aperients, diuretic, depurative, tonic, stomachic Purifies blood. Destroys acids in blood. Excellent for anaemia. Root is used to increase flow of … Read Mode

Medicinal use of Celery, Chestnut, Chicory, Cleavers

Celery: Apium graveolens Part Used: root and seed Diuretic, stimulant, aromatic Used in incontinence of the urine, dropsy, liver troubles, produces perspiration. A splendid tonic. Good for nervousness, neuralgia and … Read Mode

Medicinal use of Camomile, Caraway and Cascara Sagrada

Camomile: Anthemis nobilis Part used: Flowers Tonic Produces perspiration. Promotes menstrual flow and soften skin. Good during convalescence. For quinsy, boil in water and inhale steam. Strengthens and gives tone … Read Mode

Medicinal use of Aloes in Stomach, Liver, Kidneys, Spleen and Bladder problems

Aloes: aloes Vera, aloe Socotrina Part used: Leaves Cathartic, stomachic, aromatic, emmenagogue One of the best herbs to clean out the colon, promote menstruation when suppressed. Will expel worms after … Read Mode

Medicinal uses of Golden Seal in Cold, Flu, Stomach,Liver Trouble ,Eczema, Ringworm, Erysipelas, any Skin disease

Golden seal: Hydrastis Canadensis Part used: Root Laxative, tonic, alterative, detergent, opthalmicum , ant periodic aperients, diuretric, antiseptic, deobstruent .   One of the best remedies in the whole herbal … Read Mode

Herbs and Food that Restores Liver’s Functioning

In Cause and Prevention By Herbalogy / December 22, 2016

The liver is the largest and one of the most important organs of the body. It serves as a regulator of the body. The bile which it produces is to … Read Mode

कुछ सावधानियां बचा सकती है आपको पेट की गड़बड़ियों से

In Herbal Treatment And Health By Jaswinder Singh / December 22, 2016

पेट की गड़बड़ियों से बचाव पेट बुरी तरह दुःख रहा है … आफता चढ़ा है, गैस तट्रबल होने लगी …. यानि कि पेट न हुआ तमाम किस्म की गड़बड़ियों का … Read Mode

How to Prevent water loss from your body by Home Remedies

पानी की कमी न होने पाए  ठोस पदार्थो के बिना हम अपना शरीर चला सकते है | मगर जल के बिना नही | हमारे शरीर में ७०% पानी है | … Read Mode

“Mulberry शहतूत (देसी)” good to use for Liver malfunction, Heat Stroke

In Herbal Medicine Plants By Jaswinder Singh / December 21, 2016

शहतूत (देसी) शहतूत का वृक्ष बहुत बड़ा होता है । इसमें दो प्रकार के फल लगते हैं । सफेद और काले । इनके आकार भी दो प्रकार के होते हैं … Read Mode