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Aloe Vera Medicinal use in Ayurveda

In Indian Herbs By Herbalogy / December 26, 2016

Aloe Vera Suffering from a digestion malady. Which one ?constipation , acidity, excessive wind formation, indigestion, loss of hunger or piles! Would you like to follow a single cure. Try … Read Mode

“Cucumber (खीरा)” its beneficial for Joint Pain and Acidity

In Herbal Medicine Plants By Jaswinder Singh / December 21, 2016

खीरा खीरा की बेलें धरती पर बिछी रहती हैं । इसकी फसल किसान लोग बोतें हैं । यह प्राकृतिक रूप से पैदा होने वाला फल नहीं है । इसकी तासीर … Read Mode

How to Reduce Acidity.

In Ayurvedic Help By Jaswinder Singh / December 21, 2016

Diet to Reduce Acidity Carbohydrate rich food should be preferred as these are associated with no acid formation. Fruits like apple, banana, dates and figs may be taken in more … Read Mode