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The common cold causes more actual disability in man-hours lost than any other ailment, although it is the most prevalent ailment in the world, and one of the oldest known to man, it still baffles medical science.

An old remedy consisted of a hot drink, a hot bath, an enema and /or a laxative and rest in bed.

The quicker you get the channels of elimination open, the quicker you will be over a cold.

Sneezing is nature’s way of ridding the respiratory tract of the mucous-laden toxina. Never dry up the nasal tract with inhalants. Let nature do her work in a natural sneezy way.

Plenty of alfalfa tea, elderberry and peppermint is a good combination for colds.

A syrup made with a tea of pine needles with lemon juice and honey added, taken hot, is good for a cold.  Hot lemonade with mint-flavoured alfalfa tea and honey is also good, if the patient is kept warm in bed.

It is said to be possible to induce a quick recovery from a cold by changing the urine from alkaline to acid by taking two teaspoons of honey and two teaspoons of cider vinegar in a glass of water.

Sore throat has been relieved in one day by chewing the fresh gum from the spruces tree.

A good gargle for throat is made with sage, honey and a pinch of cayenne, another good gargle is made with cider vinegar, salt and a pinch of cayenne.

The following has proved effective in cases of pneumonia. Grease a cloth, spread with ground lobelia herb and heat, and place on chest and on back across the shoulders.

A good combination of herbs for any chest affliction is elecampane, spikenard, rosinweed root and coltsfoot. Step in boiling water and add enough honey to make a syrup.

Today when one has cold or the ‘flu he is said to have a virus, what is a virus? A virus is supposed to be too small to be seen except with the super-powerful electron microscope and too small to be trapped by the finest filter. It is debatable if they are even alive, yet when one enters a living cell it can do a lot of harm.

Most popular cold remedies contain very dangerous in gradients and are ineffective in fighting a cold. The Lederle Laboratories have gone on record agreeing that antibiotics are ineffective for treating viral respiratory infection.

The British Medical Research Council reported that antihistamines have little or no value in treatment or prevention of colds.

The old –fashioned foot-bath is still good in treating a cold. Keep water as hot as can be borne and add Epsom salts. Twenty minutes is not too long to sit with the feet in this bath. For bronchitis, inhalation of vapors of elderberry blossom tea and camphor is very effective.

Sunflower seeds, along with other herbals, is said to be helpful in bronchitis.

A good remedy for bronchitis is as follows; one cup of red clover blossoms, two level tablespoonfuls of ground flax seed, one pint boiling water. Mix and steep for one hour. Strain and add honey and the juice of one lemon. Drink hot on going bed, and cold during the day.

Sage tea is also good for colds and bronchitis.

A good old fashioned cough syrup is made with horehound, slippery elm bark, liquorices root or stick (not the cheap confection) and juice of one lemon. Use honey to make the syrup. Wild cherry bark may also be added.

A hot drink, a hot bath, plenty of juices and liquids and plenty of rest is still the best medication for a cold ever invented.

Diet is an important factor in avoiding winter colds.

You can prevent colds, the ‘flu or a virus by taking common- sense care of your health.


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