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Vidang , विडंग Medicinal Benefits



Botanical Name-Embelica ribes

Common Name-Vayavidang

Family-Myesinaceae (Vidang kul)

Habit-Large & soft branch shrub.



Property-Lightness, dryness, sharpness

Taste-Pungent, fragrant


Metabolic Property-Pungent

Specific Propert

  • Anthelmintic
  • Anodyne
  • Carminative
  • Used in vatiated kaph
  • Anthelmintic
  • Anti-rheumatic
  • Laxative


Part Used-Fruit


Description-Susruta described the fruit as anthelmintic, alterative and tonic and recommended its use along with liqorice root for the purpose of strengthening the body and preventing the effects of  aging. Notes on the drug under the names of Birang-I-kabuli and Biranj-I-kabuli were found in Arabian writing. Dr. Harris (Lancet, July 23, 1887) had directed attention to the value of this drug as a remedy for tapeworm. He stated that he had administered it for several years with good results to natives of India and Europe.

It is found throughout India up to an altitude of 5,000 ft. E.ribes is a large scandent shrub with slender branches and elliptic-lanceolate and gland-dotted leaves. The fruit is globular and wrinkled, varying in colour from dull red to nearly black; a short pedicel is often present; the pericarp is brittle enclosing a single seed covered with a membrane.

The plant contains embelin, quercitol, and fatty ingredients; an alkaloid, christembine, a resinoid, tannins and minute quantities of a volatile oil. Embelin occurs in golden yellow needles insoluble in water and soluble in alcohol, chloroform and benzene. It is reported to be effective against tapeworm but not against roundworm or hookworm. Embelin dyes silk and wool from an alcoholic solution. The dark coloured fatty oil is reported to be similar to linseed and rapeseed oil in its properties.

Dosage— Powder                          -3-5 gm


  1. Best remedy for worms-After giving vidang Powder with honey or curd then any laxative like castor oil should be given. It is more effective over tape-worms.
  2. As a Rasayan-Powder of Vidang mixed with Yastimadhu and honey should be taken with cold water.
  3. In peadiatric disorders-Vidang powder and Anantamul powder boiled in milk should be given.
  4. Powder of Vidang, Triphala & Pippali taken with honey destroys Kusth.
  5. Very useful in emaciation and general debility of children.
  6. In Headache and Sinusitis-Nasal drops of oil cooked with vidang powder is useful.



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