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Vasa, वासा Medicinal Benefits



 Botanical Name-Adhatoda vasica

Common Name-Adhusa

Family-Acanthaceae (Vasa Kul)

Habit-A dense shrub (4-8 ft. in height)


Property-Lightness, dryness

Taste-Bitter, fragrant


Metabolic Property-Pungent


Specific Property

  • Kaph-Pitta-Samak
  • Haemoptysis
  • Anti-tubercular
  • Bronchial sedative


Parts used-Root, Leaf, Flower

Description-The plant grows in plains and in lower Himalayan ranges upto 1000 m above sea level. It is a small evergreen, subherbacious bush. The Leaves are 10 to 16 cm in length, minutely pubescent and broadly lanceolate.

The inflorescence is dense, short pedunculate, bractate and spike terminal. The corolla is large and white with lower lip streaked purple. The fruit is a 4-seeded small capsule.

The leaves are rich in vitamin C and carotene and yield an essential oil. The shrub is the source of the drug, well known in indigenous systems of medicine for its beneficial effects, particularly in bronchitis. The leaves, flowers, fruits and roots are extensively used for treating cold, cough, whooping-cough, chronic bronchitis and asthma.

Dosage— Expressed Juice of leaf                    -1-2 tola

Powder of root bark                                           -2-5 ratti

Decoction of root                                               -4-8 tola


  1. As Rasayana-Oil cooked with the decoction or vasa root should be taken. It promotes intellect and life span.
  2. In acute and chronic laryngitis-Decoction of Vasa, Kantakari Nagarmotha Sunthi should be used.
  3. In Cough & Asthma-Decoction of Vasa. Draksya, Haritaki mixed with honey & sugar.
  4. In P.T.B.—Used Vasa ghrit, if haemoptysis
  5. In Asthma—the dry leaves of Vasa and Dhatura are smoked in cigarette form.
  6. In Intrinsic hemorrhage-Expressed juice of Vasa with honey should be taken.


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