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Vach, वच Medicinal Benefits



Botanical NameAcorus calamus

Common NameGudhvach

FamilyAraceae (Surana Kul)

HabitA perennial evergreen herb (3-5 ft. in height)


Property—Lightness, Sharpness

Taste—Pungent, bitter

Potency— Heating

Metabolic Property—Pungent


Specific Property

  • Intellect promoting
  • Emetic • Digestive
  • Laxative
  • Carminative
  • Anti-neuralgic


Part Used-Rhizome

Description—Sweet Flag, calamus, flagroot, sweet cane, sweet grass, sweetroot, sweet rush, in Hindi it is known as Vach, Bach, Ghorbach, Safed bath.

Sweet Flag is a perennial herb 1-4 ft tall, consisting of tufts of basal leaves that emerge directly from a spreading rootstock. These basal leaves are erect and sword-shaped, resembling Iris leaves. They are flattened, smooth along the margins, and have parallel veins. There is often an off-center ridge/indentation along the length of each leaf. Sometimes the base of the leaves or their margins are, slightly red. The inflorescence is a cylindrical spadjx that is about 2-4 inches in length and semi-erect. This spadix is covered with tiny greenish yellow flowers in a diamond-shaped pattern. Each flower has 6 tepals and 6 stamens. The covering spathe, which is found in many plants of the same family, is absent here. The blooming period occurs from late spring to early summer and lasts about a month. Both the crushed foliage and rootstocks have a pleasant aromatic fragrance. The root system consists of shallow branching rhizomes that are stout and knobby. Tufts of basal leaves occur at intervals along these rhizomes, while coarse fibrous roots develop below. This plant multiplies by its rhizomes. Flowering—March-May. 



Powder               -125-500 mg


  1. Old ghee processed with Brahmi juice, Vach and Shankhpuspi alleviates Insanity and Epilepsy.
  2. By using for a month of Vach with milk, one becomes invincible for pathogenic agents and endowed with sharp intellect and sweet voice.
  3. One who keeps the nodular piece of Vach in mouth get rid of dry cough.
  4. Paste of Lodhra and Vach removes pimples of puberty.
  5. One suffering from diarrhea should take water boiled with Vach, Mustak, Haridra and Sunthi.




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