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Guduchi, Giloy Medicinal Benefits



Botanical Name-Tinospora cordifolia

Common Name-Giloya

Family-Menispermaceae (Guduchi Kul)

Habit-A perennials weak plants.


Property-Heavyness, oilyness

Taste-Bitter, astringent


Metabolic Property-Sweety

Specific Property-

  • Tridosh samak
  • Rejuvenator
  • Astringent
  • Health promotive
  • Stomachic & digestive

Part Used-Stem


Description-Tinospora cordifolia, also called Guduchi is an herbaceous vine of the family Menispermaceae indigenous to the tropical areas of India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

According to the 1911 British Pharmaceutical Codex, Tinospora or Gulancha consists of the dried stern of Tinospora cordifolia, Miers (N.O. Menispermaceae), a climbing shrub indigenous to tropical India. The stems are collected in the hot season and dried. The drug occurs in straight or twisted cylindrical pieces and in slices, averaging about 2 centimeters in diameter, some pieces being much smaller. Externally, they are covered with a thin, papery, brown cork, bearing the raised scars of numerous lenticels. The cork readily exfoliates and discloses a greenish cortex longitudinally wrinkled and marked with lenticels. The fracture is fibrous and the transverse section exhibits a yellowish wood with radially arranged wedge-shaped wood bundles, containing large vessels, separated by narrower medullary rays. The odour is not characteristic, but the taste is bitter.’


Powder                                   -3-5 gms.

Decoction                               -50-100 ml.

Extract                                    -1-2 gms.


1. As Rasayana-Juice of mandukoparni, powder of yastimadhu, Juice of Guduchi (Root & flowers) & paste of shankhpushpi should be used with milk.

  1. In Chronic fever-Decoction of Guduchi added with pippali powder destroys chronic fever.

  1. In Prameha – Juice of Guduchi mixed with honey is useful.

  1. In Jaundice—One suffering from jaundice should take the paste of Guduchi leaves with buttermilk.

  1. In Vatarakta—Oil cooked with Guduchi decoction & milk elleviates Vatarakta.

  1. In Splenomegaly—In take of the root of Guduchi with rice water alleviates Splenomegaly.



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