Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Stomach Tumour” its symptoms and reason

Stomach Tumour

What is Stomach Tumour:

Tumors occur in the stomach if a person has been suffering from gastritis problem very much. The patient keeps on suffering from stomach ache. Hardness comes in the stomach in this disease.

Treatment :

Boil the leaves of piyabansa in the water and apply it three and four times in day to end stomach tumour.

Apply the pulp of the aloe barbadensis mill on the stomach after that bind a bandage on this part to ends stomach tumour. The stiffened part of the stomach becomes soft by applying it and gathered stool comes out from the intestine.

Mix 60 grams aloe barbadensis mill, 60 ml, 10 grams myrabalan chebulie’s powder and 10 grams rock salt together and grind it. After that, take 10 to 15 grams this mixture in the morning and evening to end gastric. Taking it with lukewarm water is useful in this disease.


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