Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Gallstone” its symptoms and reason


What is Gallstone:

The bladder is present under the bile and digestive bile gets accumulated in them. This digestive bile arrives in small intestine and helps to digest eatable food. Cholesterol gets accumulated in the bladder and it generates gall stone in the stomach. Cholesterol is soluble in digestive bile but sometimes, it does not dissolve in digestive bile due to defective digestive system. The digestive system becomes defective due to constipation, acidity, negligence to food, taking indigestive food, wine, taking flesh food. In this way stone occurs in the bile that is called gall stone. In the first condition of gall stone, it is like the iota of sand but when polluted substances mix in it, it increases. Small stone goes out through the rectum with stool and the patient does not know it but when big stone arrives in the bile ducts, the patient feels excessive problems. Until these stones moves away from the common bile system or arrives in the intestine, pain keeps on occurring in here.

Symptoms :

In the beginning of gall stone, the patient feels fidget and after that he feels pain on the navel and right side under the navel beside the bladder. The pain starts after eating the food in the morning and it stops after vomiting. When this disease becomes chronic, the patient does not feel like to eat and stomachache also increases. When the stone increases, pain starts in the stomach and sometimes, this pain arrives in the right solder. The patient feels this pain like spasm which starts suddenly and keeps on being for few moments. In this disease, the patient can also feel violent pain with vomiting. The stone checks in the bladder because of which the patient feels giddiness and suffers from high temperature for many time. The numbers of stones can be known by ultrasound.

Diet and abstinence :

Using sespadula, barley, the pulse of kidney bean with peels, rice, ribbed luffa, bitter-gourd, mosambi, pomegranate, Indian Gooseberry, dry grape, aloe vera and olive oil are beneficial to take in this disease. The gall stone patient should take normal food, without oily food and easy digestive food and he should take exercise.

The patient should not take wine, intoxicated substances, kidney bean, cheese, the sweets of milk, bacon, seasoned food, fried food, dosa, dhokala, etc. Because these generate excessive fat and the diseases of liver and spleen (it is caused by taking spicy and protein food). Fat is increased by taking these substances because these substances are not able to purify blood.

Caution :

The occurred gall stone is related to the active of different endocrine glands. Owing to improper diet, increasing the defect of vatta, pitta and kapha, not to do proper work of endocrine glands system and digestive system of the body, not to dissolve polluted substances in the bladder and not to go out it from this part, having gathered it changes into gall stone. So, the patient should take care to eat and drink.

Treatment :

Grind 6 pieces kernel of almond, 6 pieces of dry grape, 4 grams sweet melon, 2 pieces of small cardamom and 100 grams sugar candy together and mix it in half cup of water and give it to the gall stone patient to take consequently, it provides benefit.

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