50 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Liver Diseases” its symptoms and reason

Liver Diseases

What is Liver Diseases:

The liver is a big gland of the body in which digestive juice is generated that is useful for the body. When owing to any reason, any disease occurs in the liver consequently, many diseases start on occurring in the body. If we will not cure to the patient who has been suffering from liver disease at the right time and do not care in his diet, he can die.

Causes :

Liver disease is generated by any causes as: Taking anomalous and excessive ghee and oil, taking chilly and spicy food and taking acid juice (sour juice), etc. The person who takes wine and smokes too suffers from liver disease. The children take excessive quantity of ice cream, chocolate and sweats due to which their liver suffers from disorders. Stale food is harmful for liver. When the person takes stale food, excessive meal and he does not do physical work consequently, he suffers from liver disease. If worms take birth in the intestine, this disease can be. Owing to the effect of the infection diseases, this disease can also be. The children are suffered from this disease by malaria.

Symptoms :

Many people have been suffering from liver disease. In this disease, many type of symptoms are generated as: becoming hard liver, increasing its shape before expectation, feeling pain by touching its part, stopping stool, gathering whiteness and filth on the tongue, headache, lack of appetite, indigestion, coming loose motion with amoebic, bloating the stomach and stomachache. This disease produces many problems for the child consequently, they feel excess problem in their life. 2 to 5 years old child feels excessive problems due to this disease. Some people also suffer from jaundice due to liver disease and spleen disease. Owing to this disease, their eyes become yellow.

Owing to disorder of the stomach and constipation, swelling occurs in the stomach. In this disease, the patient feels lack of appetite, the process of making blood becomes low, his body becomes yellow, laziness comes and he does not feel like to do in any work. In the condition of the patient, we should take care to his diet fully. First of all, we should cure constipation of the patient so that he could save itself from weakness.

Treatment :

  1.  Take 20 ml cow’s urine after filtering it by a piece of cloth in the morning and evening daily to remove the burning sensation of the liver.
  2.  Grind 10-10 grams of dry ginger, papal, ceylen lead-wort (cheeta) root, babreng and dantimul together to make the powder. Mix 50 grams powder of myrabalan chebulie in it. After that, take 3 grams this mixture with lukewarm in the morning and evening to get benefit in liver disease.
  3.  Put 7 to 8 drops of papaya’s milk in a ripen banana and take, it normalizes liver enlargement.
  4.  Toast seeds of aparajita and grind it to make the powder. After that, take 3 grams this powder with lukewarm water in the morning and evening to normalize liver enlargement.
  5.  Grind 10 grams roots of jangali goolar and mix it in cow’s urine and take 25 ml it to normalize liver enlargement.
  6.  Mix 10 ml juice of flavieria repanda and 2 grams powder of bishops weed seed together and take, it normalizes liver enlargement.
  7.  Lightly heat 25 ml juice of night seed and apply it on the liver to end the swelling of the liver.
  8.  Extract 5 ml juice of black berry and take it for some days to normalize liver enlargement.
  9.  Taking 200-300 grams ripen black berry on empty stomach removes liver problems.
  10.  Mix 4 grams dry Indian gooseberry or 25 ml juice of its and 150 ml water properly and take it four times in day to cure liver disease.
  11.  Grind big myrabalan chebulie and mix it with old jaggery. Make one-one gram small tablets of this mixture. After that, take one tablets in the morning and evening regularly to remove the swelling of liver within 30 to 40 days.
  12.  Dry seeds of papaya and grind it to make the powder. Mix 3 grams this powder and half piece of lemon juice and take twice a day, it cures liver disease.
  13.  Soak 3 grams root of Ceylen lead-wort and 3 grams dry ginger in water overnight and early in the morning, grind it in the same water. Taking it cures liver disease.
  14.  Grind equal quantity of small pepper, the bark of ceylen lead-wort (cheeta) root, desmodium gangeticum, tinospora, the roots of malabar nut, the alkali of as roots of taalvriksh, the alkali of prickly chalf flower and old manakand together to make the powder. Cook this powder in 64 parts cow’s urine of it until it becomes thick then mix honey in it and make one gram small tablets of it. After that, take one tablet daily to normalize liver enlargement.
  15.  Grind small pipal in rose water and give it to the child, it normalizes increasing the spleen and liver.
  16.  Boil 10 grams powder of manakand, 20 grams rice and 200 grams cow’s milk and 200 grams water together to make a dish. After that, take it daily to remove gastric, the swelling of the stomach and cures jaundice.
  17.  Grind equal quantity of trikuta, trifala powder (the powder made from Indian Gooseberry, asafetida and beleric myrobalan), pure sulphur, borax, liquorices, turmeric, the seeds of Indian beech and pure purgative croton together to make fine powder. First of all, make a paste of collyrium of parard gandhak and after that soak this fine powder and collyrium in flavieria repanda juice for 3 days continuously. After that, make small tablets of this preparation like a shape of kidney bean and dry these tablets in shade. Now, take one tablet according to disease after meal to reduce liver enlargement and other disease.
  18.  Grind equal quantity of tinospora, Indian atees, dry ginger, ceylen lead-wort (cheeta), kalmegh, nut-grass, small pepper, nitrate of potash, harakasis and the bark magnolia to make fine powder. After that, take 3 to 6 grams this powder to cure the diseases of liver and spleen, jaundice, indigestion, lack of appetite, old fever, etc.
  19.  Mix amritdhara in four parts of mastered oil and massage the liver and spleen after applying it on the affected parts to reduce liver enlargement.
  20.  Grind 2 grams bishops weed seed and one gram dry ginger together and soak it in a cup of water over night. Early in the morning, crush it in the same water and then take it for 15 days to remove the swelling and pain of the liver.
  21.  Cut one piece of ripen kagaji nimboo in two pieces and bring out its seeds from these pieces. After that, divide one part on lemon into four parts without cut and spread the powder of black pepper on first part, rock salt on second part, dry ginger powder on third part and sugar candy powder on fourth part. After that, put these parts in dew after putting these in plate. In the morning, heat one part of kagaji lemon and take it before one hour of taking meal consequently, it cures liver disease along with mouth taste. It increases appetite and ends headache and chronic constipation. Taking it daily cures all the diseases of the liver.
  22.  Grind coriander, dry ginger, black salt to make the powder and take it thrice a day to eliminate constipation. It provides power to the liver and also increases appetite.
  23.  Taking apple provides power to the heart and provides relief in liver disease.
  24.  Taking white goose foot, whey, lichi, pomegranate, black berry, beet and cherry plum are beneficial to cure the liver disease and break constipation.
  25.  Toast white gourd on the low flame and extract juice by crushing it. Mix sugar candy in it and take, it cures liver disease.
  26.  Having washed the mouth you can take one pinch of rice before raising the sun because it provides power to the liver.
  27.  Grind half spoon of rock salt and four spoon of Indian mustard with water to make the paste. After that, apply this paste on the liver for five minutes after that wash this part and apply ghee on it to remove the swelling and pain of the liver.
  28.  Bind lightly heat leaf of betel on the liver after applying oil on its leaf to end liver pain.
  29.  Mix 15 grams ground pipal in 100 ml honey and suck half spoon of it after putting it in the mouth twice a day; it ends liver enlargement, malaria, asthma, cough, fever, indigestion and anorexia, and gas problems.
  30.  Mix the powder of four leaves of pipal in half spoon honey and take; it provides relief in liver disease. It also decreases fatness.
  31.  Taking melon removes the swelling of the liver.
  32.  Make a tea of papaya leaves and take it to get relief in heart disease.
  33.  Papaya clears to stomach and provides power to the liver. The small child has been suffering from liver problems; give papaya to it.
  34.  Give half spoon juice of bitter gourd to the 3 to 6 years old child to take daily to cure liver disease and clear the stomach.
  35.  Boil 12 grams leaves of basil in a glass of water until remain ‘part of water then filter it and take, it provides relief in liver enlargement and other disease of liver.
  36.  Grind amarbel with water and apply it on the liver to remove the swelling of liver.
  37.  Boil wild egg in water to make a decoction and take 10 grams it in the morning and evening to cure liver disease.
  38.  Take 2 grams powder of big myrabalan chebulie with jaggery to get relief in liver enlargement.
  39.  Make a decoction of gulabanafasha and take it with honey and sugar candy to cure liver disease.
  40.  Taking impure carbonate of potash with whey provides relief in the liver.
  41.  In the weakness of liver, if watery loose motion comes and does not feels appetite, boil 6 grams dry leaves of mango in 250 ml water until remain 125 ml its water then filter it and then take a little quantity of it after mixing it in milk to cure liver disease.
  42.  Mix juice of radish and night seed and take it in the morning and evening to cure liver disease.
  43.  Taking one ml juice of radish with whey in the morning and with fresh water in the evening is useful to remove the weakness of liver.
  44.  Spread one pinch of ground powder on puffed of sugar cake. After that, take it thrice a day to get benefit in liver disease.
  45.  Taking lukewarm juice of carrot or the soup of carrot is useful to get relief in liver disease and the bile disorders.
  46.  Eating carrot cures liver disease.
  47.  To increase activity of liver, in the morning, take boiled seeds of fenugreek to get relief in liver disease and cure indigestion.
  48.  Mix rock salt and sea salt in 3 ml juice of aloe vera and take it in the morning and evening to cure liver disease.
  49.  Mix one ml juice of honey in 2 ml juice of aloe vera and put it in china pot after then close this mouth and put this pot in sunlight. After that, take it in the morning and evening to cure liver disease. Note- Diarrhea can be generated by taking excessive aloe vera but taking reasonable quantity of it cures stool and gastric problems. Taking 10 to 20 ml juice of it in the morning and evening is useful to cure liver disease.
  50.  Mix sugar candy and lemon juice in lukewarm water and take it as like tea in the morning to remove liver problems.
  51.  If the patient has been suffering from the diseases of liver and spleen, mix toasted bishops weed seed and rock salt in lemon juice and give it to him to get benefit.
  52.  Mix lemon juice and the powder of black pepper in water and take it will to get benefit in liver disease.
  53.  Take juice of pomegranate to get relief in liver disease.

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