5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Stomach Diseases” its symptoms and reason

Stomach Diseases


The stomach is a main part of the body that keeps on making the health because it helps to digest food to make digestive juice, vitamins and nutritive elements. According to the doctors, the digestive function does its work naturally in our body. There are thirty types of it. The work of duodenum is considered main in which. 7 digestive functions are dhatu agni and 5 is bhoot agni through remaining 12 digestive function. When the duodenum becomes weak, many types of diseases occur in the stomach as: lack of appetite, stomachache, indigestion, loose motion, vomiting, the worm of stomach, dysentery (loose motion with amoebic or blood), increasing acidity, gastric and cholera etc. Some digestive elements are presents in the duodenum which are called doctors elements according to the doctors. The duodenum has also digestive element, saman vayu, moisture and cough etc. The food arrives in the stomach by air power and after that the digestive power becomes fast by air and divides the small pieces of food and its iota with the help of moister or other digestive juice. After that, the bile juice makes the pieces of food soft and changes them into juice finally it arrives in the different parts of the body and helps to make the body healthy.

Treatment :

  1. Taking pomegranate is useful in the weakness of the stomach, spleen and liver, loose motion, vomiting, stomachache etc. and it increases digestive power and cures the diseases of urine.
  2. By being lack digestive juice in the stomach or overeating surfeited becomes, you should take bishops weed seed after meal.
  3. Grind 10 grams bishops weed seed, 6 grams small myrabalan chebulie, 3 grams toasted asafetida with ghee and 3 grams rock salt together to make the powder. After that, take 2 grams of this powder with lukewarm water thrice a day to get benefit in stomach disorders.
  4. Mix one kg bishops weed seed, one kg lemon juice and 50 grams equal quantity of pancho namak together and put it in glass pot and dry it in sunlight. After that, take 4 grams of it twice a day, it removes all the problems of the stomach.
  5. Feel one gram bishops weed seed in the flowers of colocynth and dry it and grind it to make fine powder. After that, take it with lukewarm water after mixing black salt in it. It cures stomach disease.
  6. To cure gastric, mix 2 grams bishops weed seed and half gram black pepper in 125 ml whey and take it to get relief in constipation and increases digestive power.

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