5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Displacing Navel” its symptoms and reason

Displacing Navel

What is Displacing Navel:

The navel is an important part of the human body and to keep the good health of the body; the navel should exist in its place. When the navel does not reside on its place, fast pain occurs in the body.

Causes :

When a person suddenly stands up, the navel displaces on its parts, it is called displacing navel. This disease is also generated by any causes as: lifting heavy things, doing any other work that generates displacing navel.

Symptoms :

In this disease, many symptoms appear in the patient as: constipation, gastric troubles, loose motion, lack of appetite, stomachache, etc.

Treatment :

  1. Rub the navel with the help of mustard oil consequently; the replaced navel comes on its place. If this disease has increased, soak a little quantity of cotton in oil and put it on the navel to get relief.
  2. The symptoms of stomachache, gastric, loose motion, and lack of appetite appear in this disease, apply mustered oil on the navel and rub its part. In the condition of pain, soak a little quantity of cotton in oil and put it on the navel.
  3. Take 20 grams of an equal quantity of jaggery and aniseed on empty stomach in the morning daily to cure displacing navel. It provides relief in fast stomachache.
  4. Grind 2 spoons aniseed and mix jaggery in it. After that, take it for five days continuously to cure displacing navel.
  5. Mix one spoon of ground turmeric in 500 ml curd and take it consequently, the navel does not displaces on his part.
  6. Mix salt in jaggery according to taste and take, when the replaced navel comes on its part. It provides relief and ends stomachache that is caused by displacing navel.

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