5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Diseases Occurred While Journey” its symptoms and reason

Diseases Occurred While Journey

Introduction :

Frequently, when some people have been going to journey and they sit on the bus and train, they feel nausea and they begin to vomit due to which their journey disturbs before starting it. That is why, it is known the diseases occurred while journey.

Treatment :

  1. If you are going to journey, before half hour, take one spoon of onion juice after mixing one spoon of ginger juice in it resulting you will not feel nausea.
  2. Mix the juice of lemon and ginger and put it in any pot and when you are gong to long journey, keep it. Take this juice at an interval of four to six hour during journey due to which you will be not feel nausea and other disease will not occur.
  3. Put a little quantity of coriander seeds in the mouth to chew resulting nausea and vomiting do not occur.
  4. Drip one to three drops of cinnamon oil on the puffed sugar cake and chew it after putting it in the mouth due to which nausea and vomiting end.
  5. Take to 1 gram jaypatri in the morning and evening consequently, nausea and vomiting will not occur during journey.

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