25 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Gastric Ulcer” its symptoms and reason

Gastric Ulcer

What is Gastric Ulcer:

When the mucous membrane that protects the wall of the stomach is destroyed because of swallowing any poisonous substance or pressure, ulcer starts on making. Banana helps to grow the layers of mucous membrane to protect the stomach from chemical substance resulting gastric ulcer does not occur.

Causes :

In this disease, the duodenal becomes diseased resulting chemical substance increases in this part. This disease is caused by many causes as: eating polluted and heaviness food, drinking water from different places, mental trouble and being affected from helicobacter pylori bacteria.

Symptoms :

The symptoms of nauseate, vomiting, generating pain on the affected part, burning sensation, generating excess acidity, sour belching, occurring stomachache due to appetite, etc. occur in gastric ulcer.

Diet and abstinence :

Taking milk, mosambi, bread with flour chaff, the bread of gram flour, powder of parched, lemon, white gourd, sespadula, spinach, goose foot, brassica-campestrice (Pattagobhi), pear, cherry plum, the compote of carrot and pea are useful for the patient of gastric ulcer.

We should not take oil, ghee, a food made by dalda, spicy food, heaviness food, lady finger, bitter-gourd, potato, cabbage, the pickle of ginger, black pepper, bitter and sour food, honey, intoxicating substance, rotten and decayed things, tea and coffee because by taking it, it mixes with digestive juice of the stomach and generates excess hydrochloric acid because of which ulcer occurs in the stomach.

Cautious :

Gastric ulcer is very dangerous disease that is not cured easily. If the patient has been suffering from this disease, he should follow the mode of eating and drinking carefully. He should never reside on the empty stomach. The patient should give relief to his body in the violent condition of this disease. He should not take anything except liquid substance.

Treatment :

  1.  Licking Indian gooseberry juice with honey is useful to get relief in gastric ulcer.
  2.  Extract juice of ripen and sweet mango and take it daily to cure gastric ulcer.
  3.  Take 5 to 6 grams husk of spogel seeds with lukewarm milk; it provides relief in gastric ulcer that is caused by constipation.
  4.  Take brassica- campestrice juice and lettuce made from middle part of it to get relief in gastric ulcer and peptic ulcer.
  5.  Cut an apple into pieces and put these pieces and lukewarm water in the pot then cover it. After fifteen minutes, crush it in the same water and mix 2 spoon of honey in it after filtering it and take, it cures gastric ulcer.
  6.  Thin layer is developed on the digestion system of the body by drinking apple juice consequently; this part is protected from infection and putrefaction. Drinking lukewarm water after drinking apple juice is useful to cure wound and swelling that are generated in the stomach.
  7.  Eating banana provides benefit in the swelling of intestine, the wound of stomach, swelling in the digestive system, colitis and diarrhea.
  8.  Taking banana with milk is beneficial to cure gastric ulcer.
  9.  Soak 50 grams pulse of horse gram in 250 ml water and put it in a pot of soil after that take this water in the morning and evening for one and two months to get much relief in gastric ulcer.
  10.  Taking basil juice or eating its leaves is useful to get relief in peptic ulcer and the diseases that is caused by tension.
  11.  Sucking small pieces of snow stops bleeding from the mouth and also provides benefit in feeling over thirsty.
  12.  Take sweet melon juice on empty stomach to get relief in gastric ulcer.
  13.  Take a dish of date boiled in jaggery; it provides relief in the pain and swelling of gastric ulcer.
  14.  Drinking carrot juice thrice a day cures wound and pain that are caused by duodenal.
  15.  Taking juice of carrot is useful to stop the vomiting of ulcer.
  16.  Take juice of carrot after mixing dry grapes in it to get relief in gastric ulcer.
  17.  Taking juice of the small plant of wheat for few moments is useful to cure gastric ulcer.
  18.  Dissolve parched of gram in the water and take; it provides relief in gastric ulcer.
  19.  Drink water of cheese at noon to get relief in the disease of gastric.
  20.  Boil milk only one time and drink it at an interval of every two-two hours, it cures gastric ulcer. Note- do not take this milk in bloody vomiting.
  21.  Drink the water of coconut to cure gastric ulcer. It stops bleeding from the mouth that is caused by gastric ulcer.
  22.  Squeeze one lemon (kagaji nimbu) in a glass of lukewarm water and drink, it provides benefit in gastric ulcer.
  23.  Mix two and three spoons of honey in a glass juice of lemon and take it three and four times in a day, it cures gastric ulcer.
  24.  Mix juice of lemon and mosambi and take, it ends the swelling of stomach.
  25.  Taking four pieces of garlic’s pod after meal is useful to cure the wound of stomach.

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