25 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Defective Digestive Function” its symptoms and reason

Defective Digestive Function


When we eat the food, our digestion system absorbs carbohydrate, protein and fat from eatable food by digesting and digestion system gives absorbed element to different organs of the body consequently, all the organs of the body system starts work properly. This system brings out pollute substances from the body. The digestion system has the physical process and the chemical process. The physical process has many different works as: the chewing process of the food, the engulfing, girding of the food or mixing food and puckering and expanding to the intestines, etc. The chemical process has many different works as: mixing water in the food, moving to the chemical operation by digesting juice, making the saliva with the food in food, making digestive juice, adding bile juice, liver juice, digestive juice and intestine juice altogether, digesting, etc.

Digestive process in the mouth :

During digesting process in the mouth, food is chewed. In chewing process, food becomes change into small pieces by breaking and mixing it with saliva, reaches in the stomach by engulfing in which digesting process starts. The digestion of the carbohydrate is mostly completed in the mouth.

Digestive process in the stomach :

During to chew the food, the digestive process of the mouth is completed and then it reaches in the stomach passing through the pharynx after that it starts on digesting in this part where these get accumulated commonly. The stomach has hydrochloric acid that generates protective obstruction opposite miniature bacteria which exists in eatable food and bloats protein so that eatable food may digest properly and may make acid according to need for the process of pepsin. After that, digestive juice digests enzyme pepsin protein that decomposes protein contained in eatable food. It also digests milk with the help of rennin enzyme. Carbohydrate and fat digest partially in the stomach. Indigestible food and mixed food change into solid lump and then it enters in the small intestine to digest.

Digestive process in the small intestine :

Eatable food reaches in the duodenum then at this time, bile juice starts on exuding from the gall balder and digestive juice starts on exuding from the pancreas. The bile juice digests fat and changes into liquid. Digestive juice affects the partially digested protein and changes carbohydrate into sugar and the digested fat into acid and glycerol. In this way the food is digested properly in duodenum and the digested food reaches in ileum in which the body absorbs useful elements of the food in it and the remained parts of the food reaches in duodenum after that it changes in to stool and goes out through rectum and anus.

Acidic food :

The food contains any type of acid in which three are found in all natural substances as: citric, malice and tartaric acid. Some acid that occurs in the body are harmful as: oxalic acid, benzoic, beatiric and uric acid. Besides it, the body has another acid is called lactic acid that is also used by body, it is a protective acid according to his nature. Citric acid is found in lemon, orange, shaddock, gooseberry, pomegranate, tomato, radish and other vegetables. Malice acid is found in apple, pee, grape and tomato. Tartaric acid is found in grape and a little quantity of it is also found in pine apple. Acetic acid is found in vinegar and Indian dull sauce and it is harmful for digestive process. Oxalic acid is found in spinach, Indian rheubarb, cacao, chach and black pepper and it is harmful for the people have excessive uric acid in his body.

Benzoic acid is found in aluche, cherry plum and plum. Patshamri rog is generated by excessive uric acid so, the patient who has been suffering from this disease, he should not take acidic substances. Benzoic acid is also used to protect the packaged fruits, apple juice, vinegar and sauces. Beatiric acid is found in butter and sour fat. It is harmful for the stomach and acidosis increases in the morning by using it.

Uric acid is one of the excreta of the body than other excretions. Excessive uric acid occurs due to eating flesh foods (non-vegetarian food). Purine is found in spinach, pods, pea, cauliflower and khumb that generate uric acid. These vegetables should not be taken to the patients of gouty arthritis and the stone of the bladder.

The alkalinity of food :

When we eat foods, some excretory substance remains after digesting food. The person, who has been suffering from acidity, should take fresh fruit, vegetables, non-vegetarian food, pulse, pods and nutritive diet because it has carbonic acid that is digested properly by the body and alkaline tress remains. In this situation, the acidity patient should not take juice fruit because it can be dangerous. In this time, taking only 40 % corn and 60 % fruit and vegetables in his meal is physical rule to balance between acid and alkali.

Treatment :

  1.  Mix 10 grams clove, 10 grams dry ginger, 10 grams black pepper, 10 grams pipal and 10 bishops weed seed properly to make the powder and mix rock salt in it. Put this mixture in a pot of steel and drip lemon juice on it. When it becomes hard, dry it in the shade to dry. After that, take 5 grams it with water after meal in the morning and evening, it removes the disorders of digestive function.
  2.  Mix juice of bishops weed seed or hogweed or night seed in water and take it after meal daily, it normalizes digestive function.
  3.  To remove the defect of digestive function, mix juice of dry ginger 1/3 cup of milk and take it in the morning and evening daily.
  4.  Fibrous mango is beneficial and eliminates constipation. If the patient has been suffering from the defect of digestive function, he should take mango after that take milk. It provides power to the intestine. Mix 10 grams juice of sweet mango and 2 grams dry ginger together and take it in the morning, it increases digestion power.
  5.  If the patient has been suffering from the defect of digestive function, boil 8 to 10 leaves of Indian sorrel to make the decoction and give it to him. It increases digestion power and appetite.
  6.  Eating radish after meal is useful to increase digestive function but you should never take radish before meal.
  7.  Take food with salad of small pieces radish mixed with lemon juice to increase digestive function.
  8.  If the patient has been suffering from gastric that occurs result of taking the vegetables of momordica dioica, having mixed garlic in the vegetables you should give it to him. It is beneficial to removes the defect of digestive function.
  9.  Cut 6 grams ginger to make fine and mix a little quantity of salt in it and take it before meal one time in day for 10 days continuously, it increases digestive power and appetite. The gas of the stomach is eliminated by taking it. It normalizes the taste of the mouth and brings out phlegm from the throat.
  10.  Mix dry ginger, asafetida and black salt and take; it removes the problems of gastric. Mix lemon juice in the powder of dry ginger and bishops weed seed and dry it after that mix salt in it. After that, take one gram this powder with water to remove the defect of digestive function, gastric problems and sour belching.
  11.  If you have been suffering from flatulence and constipation, toast the pieces of ginger in Indian ghee and put salt in it according to taste and then take it two times in day. All the diseases of the stomach are cured by this treatment.
  12.  Boil 100 grams sugar in one letter juice of ginger and become it thick then mix 5 grams clove and 5 grams small cardamom in it after that put it in a glass pot. After that, take one spoon of it with lukewarm milk or water in the morning and evening, it removes all the problems of digestive function.
  13.  Taking juice of beet daily increases digestive function.
  14.  Grind fresh mint, kharik, black pepper, rock salt, asafetida, dry grape and cumin seed together to make the powder and mix lemon juice in it. After that, lick it to remove the vapidity of the mouth and the gas of the stomach. It increases digestive function by removing indigestion.
  15.  Pour water in the flour of wheat and knead it and then put it for one hour. After that, make the breads from it and take, it provides benefit in the defect of digestive function.
  16.  Boil 10 to 20 grams in water to make a decoction and take it twice a day, it normalizes digestive function.
  17.  By licking betel, excessive saliva occurs in the mouth that helps to digest food. It is stimulant and digestible so it removes gas. Voice becomes clean and foul smell of the mouth ends by taking it.
  18.  Take half glass juice of spinach in the morning daily, it removes constipation for same days. Taking the vegetables of spinach is useful to get relief in the diseases of digestion system. Stone dissolves by taking the decoction of spinach’s leaves.
  19.  Taking the vegetables of bitter-gourd or its juice is useful to get relief in stomachache and digestive power.
  20.  Take juice of onion, it increases the power of intestine and clears stomach.
  21.  Toast apple on fire and take, it recovers digestive function.
  22.  Take peppermint to get benefit in all the diseases of digestion system (loose motion, gastric problems, pain, and acidity) and it makes the muscle of intestine flexible and removes swelling of intestine and torque of the stomach.
  23.  Mix two drops of peppermint oil in four spoons of water and take; it improves digestive function. Drip two drops of peppermint oil in hand care chief and smell; it normalizes digestive function.
  24.  Grind the seeds of poison nut to make the powder after making pure it and take; it removes lack of appetite or the weakness of the digestion power.
  25.  Mix juice of chiretta’s leaves, black pepper and salt in 10 to 12 ml juice of fever nut and give it to the indigestive patient consequently, it provides benefit and also increases digestion power.
  26.  Juice of grapes increases the activity of the intestine and also increases digestion power.
  27.  Grind 10 grams of an equal quantity of small pepper, piper root, panchakol, piper chaba, chiretta and dry ginger and filter it to make the powder. Eatable food is digested by taking 5 grams quantity of this powder with water in the morning and evening.
  28.  Mix 2 grams powder of Indian atees, 1 gram dry ginger or 1 gram powder of pipal with honey and lick; it increases digestion power.

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