20 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Appetite” its symptoms and reason


What is Appetite:

Taking food is necessary to maintain the healthy body and powerful body. The appetite is necessary to eat food and eating food is necessary according to appetite because our health and power are maintained by eating food. It should be eaten only at a time of feeling hungry. If the patient does not feel hungry by owing to some reason, it should be cured to increase appetite.

  1. lack of appetite
  2. excessively increasing appetite
  3. Felling appetite of some other things as: charcoal, soil.

Causes :

When a men suffers from ill, his appetite starts on being lack. Lack of appetite is caused by constipation, living without exercise, smoking and stomach problems.

Diet and abstinence :

Appetite begins to start properly by fast walking before taking meal.

The health makes good by taking exercise and also increases appetite.

Mix one spoon juice of ginger and one spoon juice of lemon and salt according to taste in a glass water and take, it ends lack of appetite and increases appetite.

Treatment :

  1.  Mix a pinch of black pepper’s powder with honey. After that, lick it three and four times in a day, it enhances appetite and also increases the digestive power.
  2.  Grind 2 grams of cinnamon and bishops weed seed together to make the powder and take this powder thrice a day to normalize over eating.
  3.  Mix rock salt and sugar in mango juice and take, it increases appetite.
  4.  Make a decoction of the sprout of mango and take it every day to enhance appetite and stop the habit of eating soil.
  5.  Mix ¼ part of sugar candy in the powder of mango’s sprout and take, it cures diarrhea and the disease related of the semen. It also increases appetite.
  6.  Eat the pieces of myrabalan chebulie by chewing, it increases appetite consequently, eatable food digests properly.
  7.  If the patient has been suffering from lack of appetite, cook the amaranth and give it to him, it provides benefit to increase appetite.
  8.  Mix the powder of pipal in the decoction of soft radish and take, it increases digestive function. It also ends indigestion and diarrhea.
  9.  Take 1 to 2 grams equal quantity of rock salt, myrabalan chebulie, long pepper and ceylen leadwort with lukewarm water, it increases digestion power. Ghee, flesh and new rice are digested by taking it.
  10.  The patient has been suffering from anorexia and indigestion; mix 2 gram powder of an equal quantity of the fresh root of ceylen lead-wort (cheeta), babreng and nut-grass. After that, give it to the patient before meal in the morning and evening daily to end the problems of digestion system and also increases appetite.
  11.  Soak the small pieces of ginger in lemon juice and mix rock salt in it. After that, take this mixture before meal to stop the habit of eating soil and charcoal. It also increases appetite.
  12.  Heat dry grapes, salt and black pepper together and take, it increases appetite. This treatment (tips) is useful in the disease of chronic fever when does not feels appetite.
  13.  Take the powder of fenugreek with lukewarm water to end stomachache consequently, you will feel appetite.
  14.  Toast asafetida and cumin seed in ghee and take, it cures anorexia.
  15.  Make the sauce of tamarind leaves and take, it increases appetite.
  16.  Mix sugar candy according to taste in apple juice and take it some days every day, it enhances appetite. Knead flour with sour apple juice and make the breads. Eating it increases indigestion power.
  17.  Grind the leaves of mint, date-palm, black pepper, rock salt, asafetida, black dry grapes and cumin seed together to make the sauce and squeeze lemon in it. After that, take it to increase taste in the mouth instead of (towards) the meal.
  18.  Pestle 20 grams bark of neem and make a decoction after mixing it in 500 ml water and boil it. After that, mix 3 grams honey in it and take, it enhances appetite. It also ends indigestion.
  19.  Take juice of soft and tender pink leaves of neem by chewing; it kills the worm of intestine.
  20.  Use the root, bark or stem of pashan bhed as like medicine because it increases appetite.
  21.  Grind the equal quantity of dry ginger and impure carbonate of potash and mix ghee in it. After that, take it with lukewarm water to end indigestion and increase appetite.
  22.  Mix the equal quantity of Indian atees’s powder and dry ginger’s powder together and take half spoon of this mixture before one hour of taking meal, it increases appetite and digestion function.

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