10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Flatulence” its symptoms and reason


What is Flatulence:

Stool does not come out from the anus because of drying and gets accumulated in the intestine. Owing to this reason, the stomach starts on bloating. This condition is called flatulence.

Causes :

Flatulence occurs due to taking improper diet. This disease is mostly caused by many reason as: feeling like to discharge urine again and again, coming sneeze, excessively feeling hungry and thirsty, yawning, belching, gas comes out from the anus, breathing problems, lack of sleep, etc.

Symptoms :

The symptoms of cough, stomachache, pain in heart, perking heart, stopping belch, headache and feeling heaviness in the body appear in the disease.

Treatment :

  1.  Grind 10 grams myrabalan chebulie, 10 grams small pepper and 10 grams turpeth root and mix it in the milk of milk hedge and make small tablets of it. Flatulence and constipation are removed by taking one or two tablets of it daily.
  2.  Grind papal, Indian atees, orris root, and the bark of chiretta root, impure carbonate and costus together to make the powder. After that, take 2 to 3 grams this powder to end flatulence.
  3.  Mix mountain ebony root and 3 grams bishops weed seed together and boil it to make a decoction and take, it ends flatulence.
  4.  Grind equal quantity of dry ginger, black pepper, papal and black salt together to make the powder. Put it in whey and take, it ends the heaviness of the stomach and indigestion.
  5.  Mix 100 grams aniseed in lemon juice and put it in bottle. Taking a little quantity of this aniseed after taking meal increases digestive function and ends the heaviness of the stomach and restless.
  6.  Soak one spoon aniseed in one cup of water in the night and crush it and filter it in the morning. Mix this water in milk and give it to the child, it ends flatulence, occurring gas in the stomach and stomachache.
  7.  Toast borax on the hot pan and give it to the child to end flatulence.
  8.  Wash 20 to 50 grams roots of castor and grind it with 200 ml water. Boil it until remain only 50 ml it and then take, it ends flatulence.
  9.  Give the decoction of Indian cinnamon to the patient to take consequently, sweat comes out from his body. It ends flatulence that is caused by defective intestine.

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