Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Alasak” its symptoms and reason


(This Disease Related Stomach)


The patient has been suffering from alsak, any symptoms appear as- flatulence, excessive stomachache and gas does not goes out from the stomach, feeling over thirsty, belching, etc.


  1. Mix 14 to 28 ml castor oil and 14 to 28 grams dry ginger together and boil it to make a decoction. After that, take this decoction in the morning to get relief in alsak.
  2. Grind the wood of Himalayan cedar, the fruit of sweet flag, costus root, aniseed, toasted asafoetida and rock salt together to make the powder. After that, grind 3 to 6 grams of this powder with 120 to 140 ml sour water (kanji) and take it with lukewarm water twice a day to get benefit in alsak.


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