5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Mouth Bitterness” its symptoms and reason

Mouth Bitterness

What is Mouth Bitterness :

Sour mouth is the result of any disease present in the body. Such disease can be as fever. Every tasty foodstuff is tasteless for the person who has been suffering from fever. Taste of the patient becomes sour whereas he feels that foodstuff is not tasty.

Treatment :

  1. Cut a lemon into two pieces and fill 2 pinches rock salt or black salt along with chilly in it. Toast these lemon pieces upon low flame. Thereafter, suck these pieces to end mouth bitterness. Its use ends the disturbances of the stomach and breaks constipation.
  2. Chew cloves, it ends the bitterness of mouth and the victim become aware of the senses of taste.
  3. The sense of taste become active by chewing two black pepper corns and the victim does not also suffer from nausea. Its use also ends stammering.
  4. Mix one spoon juice of ginger in one glass hot water and gargle. Its use ends the bed smell of the mouth.
  5. Prepare a fine powder by grinding pyllitory root, gallnut, toasted alum, black peppers and rock salt each in equal quantity. Brush regularly with this powder. Its use ends the bed smell of the mouth and cures all mouth diseases.
  6. Food particles hidden among teeth come out by chewing mint leaves.
  7. If a person suffers from mouth bed smell or watery mouth, he should take ground powder of pomegranate bark twice a day with fresh water. Besides it, boil pomegranate bark and gargle with this water. Its use provides relief.
  8. If person suffers from bed smell of the mouth due to phlegm disorder or indigestion, take 5-10 dry grapes regularly.

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