5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Excessive Spit” its symptoms and reason

Excessive Spit

What is Excessive Spit:

There are salivary glands in both the sides of below gum that excretes a juice constantly and it is naturally sucked by us. Generally, it is called saliva. Sometimes saliva occurs on a large scale and comes out in the form of spit. Sometimes, it occurs on a large scale because of mouth vesicles or worms into the stomach. In this stage, a person has to spit repeatedly.

Treatment :

  1.  Mix 125 grams borax into 500 ml water and gargle. Its use ends ptyalism.
  2.  Mix honey into borax and apply on the mouth vesicles 3-4 times a day. Its use ends mouth or tongue vesicles and ends ptyalism. Constipation also breaks by its use.
  3.  Prepare a decoction by boiling catechu fruits, pomegranate and bark of mountain ebonip. Gargle with this decoction, it cures throat diseases and ptyalism.
  4.  A patient gets free from ptyalism by drinking one-gram juice of crotalaria verrucosa twice a day regularly.
  5.  This disease is cured by chewing or brushing bullet wood tree branch.
  6.  Prepare a decoction by boiling the bark of bullet wood tree and gargle with this decoction. Its use is good for the treatment of ptyalism.
  7.  Prepare a decoction by boiling fruit or nut grass fruit. Take 20-40 ml this decoction ends mouth vesicles soon.
  8.  Grind equal quantity of cardamom and betel nut. Suck 1-2 grams this preparation repeatedly to cure this disease named ptyalism.

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