20 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Gingivitis” its symptoms and reason


What is Gingivitis:

Teeth move because of hurt in mouth and consequently, there is swelling in the gums. Gums swell because of having much hot food. Gums become weak due to swelling and teeth starts to fall in the lack of treatment.

Causes :

Swelling comes on the gums because of injury or eating hard foodstuffs. Gums become loose and it is the harmful for teeth.

Symptoms :

Gums swell in this disease and become loose. This is the reason that pain starts in them.

Food and abstinence :

The patient should eat apple and carrot. Carrot juice is also beneficial.

Sprinkle rock salt on the onion pieces and take.

Chew properly raw turnip.

Mix salt into water and gargle.

Excessive hot meal should not be taken in this disease.

The patient should avoid by taking excessive sweet or cold things.

Treatment :

  1.  Prepare decoction by boiling jatropha curcas leaves. Gargling with this decoction reduces the swelling of gums.
  2.  Dissolve 3.50 ml Indian bdellium in 35 ml water or dissolve 20 percent Indian bdellium in 90 percent water. Dip a cotton wad into this preparation and rub on the gums. Its use cures all gums diseases.
  3.  Grind 10 grams alum, 30 grams steatite and 5 grams salt into fine powder. Rub this powder on the gums to end gum’s swelling.
  4.  Prepare tooth powder by grinding toasted alum, rocksalt, black peppers corns and myrolelans bark. Rub this preparation on the gums to end swelling, pain and looseness of the gums.
  5.  Mix salt upon the onion and eat. Besides it, grind onion and rub on the gums to end swelling. Thus, gums become strong.
  6.  Prepare decoction by boiling the leaves of Indian mallow and gargle thrice a day. Its use ends gums swelling or looseness of the gums.
  7.  Burn betel nut and rub this ash on the gums as tooth powder. Its use ends the looseness of the mouth.
  8.  Mix borax with myrrh and apply on the gums. Its use stops the flow of pus from the boils.
  9.  Mix toasted betel nut, alum, catechu each one-gram and 2 grams soap nut and make fine powder. Brush with this powder twice or thrice a day regularly, it ends boils and gum’s pain.
  10.  Grind dry ginger into fine powder. Take three grams this powder with water twice a day regularly to get relief in gingivitis.
  11.  Boil rock salt and sweet lime each one gram in 100 ml water. Gargle with this water after heating it a little twice a day. Its use provides relief in gingivitis.
  12.  Pestle cubebs, borax and gall nut each 10 grams to make tooth powder. Rub this powder on the gums for the treatment of gingivitis.
  13.  Mix a little salt in ginger juice and rub on the gums twice a day. Its use proves beneficial in the treatment of gingivitis.
  14.  Grind thickly myrolelans, beleric myrobalan and india gooseberry. Boil this preparation in 800 ml water until 200 ml remains. Gargle 30-60 ml this water twice or thrice a day to get relief in gingivitis.
  15.  Gargle with the oil of khadeeradi for some time. Its use cures gingivitis and ends boils.
  16.  Grind equal amount of sang jarahat, sal ammonic and alum into the fine powder. Rub this powder on the gums regularly for the treatment of gingivitis.
  17.  All diseases pertaining to gums are cured by applying the oil of irimedadi on the gums twice a day.
  18.  Take three grams dry ginger powder with water once a day if you have been suffering from gingivitis. If there is toothache due to cold, sprinkle salt on a ginger piece and put between the affected teeth. Its use provides relief.
  19.  Gargle with the decoction of black peppers corns to get relief in gingivitis.
  20.  Break salt into small pieces and mix with the powder of puffed alum. Its use provides relief in gums diseases.

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