15 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Elongation of the Uvula” its symptoms and reason

Elongation of the Uvula

What is Elongation of the Uvula:

A small piece of flesh keeps on hanging at the back portion of the tongue into the mouth and it is called uvula. When size of the uvula enlarges due to filth on the tongue, phlegm and bile disorder, it hangs on towards below. It is called elongation of the uvula. There is swelling in the throat with pain because of swelling or elongation of the uvula. In this disease, the patient faces difficulty while swallowing and speaking.

Causes :

Size of the uvula enlarges if dirt sticks on it. Sometimes, swelling occurs on the uvula because of hurt if a person eats hard foodstuff. In this way, size of it enlarges. A person faces difficulty while speaking or swallowing meal.

Symptoms :

In this disease, the patient feels that a piece of flesh is touching the tongue and he suffers from painful swelling in the throat and cheek.

Treatment :

  1.  Prepare a decoction by boiling ground black peppers in water. Gargle twice a day with this water. The uvula returns in its normal stage.
  2.  Prepare a decoction by boiling chotti mae and gargle. Its use provides relief.
  3.  Prepared a decoction by boiling panchang of badi mae and take every day. Its use provides relief in uvulitis.
  4.  Uvulitis is cured by gargling with the decoction of lodh.
  5.  Extract juice by squeezing garlic and apply on the uvula. Its use ends inflammation and uvula enlargement stop.
  6.  Gargle with salt mixed water if there is an obstruction in the throat and mouth palate. Its use provides relief in uvulitis.
  7.  Make tablets by taking Indian rheubarb. Uvulitis is cured by sucking these tablets.
  8.  Immerse 10-20 grams tracaganth gum in water and shuffle in sugar candy mixed syrup. Its use cures enlargement of uvula.
  9.  Mix honey in 1\4 gram to half-gram powder of zanthoxylum rhesta. Its use provides relief in uvulitis.
  10.  Dissolve kamala in oil and apply on the enlarged uvula regularly twice a day. This medicine provides good relief in this disease.
  11.  Mix 4-6 grams honey in 1-3 grams powder of kalak churna. Take it twice day to get relief in uvulitis.
  12.  Rub dry ginger powder or black pepper powder on the half tongue. Its use is beneficial for the treatment of this disease. Carbonate of potash can be used in place of both medicines to get relief.
  13.  Grind cinnamon properly and apply on the uvula with the help of thumb in the morning. Allow saliva to fall down. Enlargement of uvulitis is cured by its use.
  14.  Rub the powder of myrolelans fruit or white leadwort upon the tongue in the disease named uvulitis. Powder of long pepper can be used in place of both medicines. Uvulitis and the disease caused by filth on the uvula are cured by its use.
  15.  Prepare a decoction by boiling 3 grams myrolelans fruit and mix black pepper and pure garic each one gram in it. Put this preparation into the mouth for one minute. Enlarged uvula is cured by taking this preparation within 3-4 times a day.

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