10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Gum Boil” its symptoms and reason

Gum Boil

What is Gum Boil:

Gums scratch because of itching if there is scalus and inflammation in gums. Besides it, a scratch comes on the tongue while brushing consequently; this scratch spreads and changes into boils. In this condition, the patient suffers from excessive pain and pus keeps on flowing from it constantly. He faces great difficulty while having meal and fruit or brushing.

Causes :

Gums scratch while eating hard foodstuff or brushing teeth. These wounds change into boils after spreading. There is pain in the boils along with the flow of pus from them.

Symptoms :

Boils start to appear because of itching in the gums. Gums start to swell or thrive consequently; the patient suffers from great pain. He faces great difficulty while chewing meal.

Food and abstinence :

In this disease eat carrot and apple or drink carrot juice.

Sprinkle rock salt on the onion pieces and take.

Chew properly raw turnip.

Dissolve salt into water and gargle.

Excessive hot meal should not be taken in this disease.

The patient should avoid by taking excessive sweet or cold things.

The patient should not eat hard foodstuff that scratch the gums.

Treatment :

  1.  Grind alum, sal ammonic and jarahat each in equal quantity. Filter this powder through cloth and rub on the gums slowly. Boils of the gums become dry by the use of this medicine.
  2.  Dissolve alum in water and gargle 3-4 times a day. This medicine ends boils.
  3.  Rub khadiradi oil on the gums or gargle with this oil. Its use provides relief.
  4.  Mix borax with myrrh and apply on the gums. Its use stops the flow of pus from the boils.
  5.  Make a powder by grinding 30 grams soap stone, 10 grams alum and 5 grams salt. Rub this powder twice or thrice a day to get relief in this disease.
  6.  Dissolve catchu in mustard oil and apply on the gums 3-4 times a day. Its use ends pus and gums swelling.
  7.  Mix toasted betel nut, alum, catechu each one-gram and 2 grams soap nut and make a fine powder. Brush with this powder twice or thrice a day regularly, it ends boils and gums pain.
  8.  Prepare a decoction by boiling acacia Arabica leaves and gargle 3-4 times a day. Boils of gums become dry after its use.
  9.  Prepare a decoction by boiling the bark or leaves of albizzia lebbeck. Its use ends gums swelling, boils and pain.

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