Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Yawning” its symptoms and reason


What is Yawning:

As a person takes breath through nose as he inhales breath inside the body through mouth. This process supplies extra oxygen into the body. In this way, inhaling and exhaling breath by opening mouth repeatedly is yawning. If yawning comes occasionally, there is no need to be worried but if they come repeatedly, it is disease. In this condition, treatment becomes necessary.

Causes :

If we are talking or sitting in front of many persons, a person feels very bad while yawning. Yawning repeatedly is a disease in itself and the person feels laziness. He desires for no work and if he has to do the work, he exhausts soon. Yawning remains in the body either exhaustion or lack of proper sleeping.

Symptoms :

A person’s neck bends while yawning. Veins of the body weaken by yawning. There is pain in the body due to yawning.

Treatment :

  1. Toast asafetida with ghee in an iron pan. Make powder by grinding myrolelans, dry ginger, rock salt and black pepper corns. Take 1-3 grams this powder with hot water regularly. Its use provides relief in this disease.
  2. Mix rock salt and asafetida in mustard oil properly. Massage the whole body with this preparation. Its use provides relief in this disease.
  3. Powder of coriander should take with hot water. If this disease has become fatal, boil 20 seeds of coriander in one-liter water and wash mouth with this water after cooling. Its use ends excessive yawning.

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