Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Locked Jaw” its symptoms and reason

Locked Jaw

Introduction :

Below jaw of the mouth opens and closes the mouth by upping and down. Sometimes, below side jaw entangles upon the below side after opening. It is called locked jaw. The patient feels pain by which he puzzles. The patient needs consolation in this condition. For its treatment, put both the thumb into the mouth where both the jaws touches to each other and keep the fingers of both the hands on the below side of the jaw. Thereafter, pull below side jaw upwardly with total strength by the help of the thumb and fingers. Jaws returns in their previous viz normal stage and work like before.

Treatment :

Mix 12-25 grams babereng with water and take after having meal twice a day. Locked jaw is cured by its use.

Take 14 gram amber 4 times a day for the treatment of locked jaw.

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