Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Eunuch(Womanish)” its symptoms and reason



What is Eunuch(Womanish):

Sometimes, female glands become active in males consequently, female characteristics appear in them. It is called eunuch.

Treatment :

  1. Boil common cress in 10 ml milk and mix sugar candy in it. Drink it regularly for some days, it uproots this problem.
  2. Boil cow-hedge seeds in milk and dry them after peeling. Thereafter, grind them and take 3 grams this powder twice a day with fresh milk. The victim of eunuch gets desired relief by the use of this medicine.
  3. Grind 10 grams root of cow-hedge and mix sugar candy in it. Take it with butter to get free from eunuch. All female characteristics will disappear by taking this medicine.

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