5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Pain in the Jaw” its symptoms and reason

Pain in the Jaw


Either one or both bones viz maxilla and mandible in which teeth are present and makes the shape of mouth, are called jaws. A person feels pain if this part gets injured because of any reason.

Treatment :

  1. Make a paste by grinding 10 grams dry ginger and 10 grams camphor. Pour this paste into the ear to get relief in this disease but there is a condition for this process. If pain is in the right side jaw, pour this preparation into left ear and if pain is in the left side, pour this preparation into the right ear.
  2. Immerse a cotton wad into mudar milk and fry it. Keep this cotton wad into the hole of the teeth. Its use ends toothache pain soon.
  3. Grind contipeda orbicularis with water and apply on the throat. Its use vanish the pain of the jaw.
  4. Mix salt into water and gargle regularly twice a day. Its use ends toothache and stops foul smell of the mouth.
  5. Mix borax and wax altogether for preparing paste. Make tablets of this paste. Keep this tablet into worm-affected empty teeth. Its use vanish teeth worms. This is a good treatment.


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