5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Mouth Taste” its symptoms and reason

Treatment of Mouth Taste


A person is not able to describe the taste of any foodstuff if he has been suffering from mouth blisters. Different kinds of tongue diseases are the outcome of different kinds of diseases present in the body. Most of tongue diseases take birth because of the disturbed digestion system or any other kind of disturbance of the body.

Treatment :

  1. Boil 10 grams Indian mustard in water and gargle with this water twice a day regularly. Mouth taste comes back by gargling with this water.
  2. Grind 5 grams sal ammonic and five black pepper corns. Mix honey in this powder and rub on the tongue. Allow saliva to fall down. Bitterness of the mouth ends by its use.
  3. Grind cinnamon or sweet flag and mix honey in it after sieving. Take this preparation, it ends mouth bitterness.
  4. Mix 20 grams pulp of pudding pipe tree in 250 ml milk and gargle. Taste of the mouth spoiled due to having opium and cocaine returns.


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