5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Meningitis” its symptoms and reason


What is Meningitis:

Meningitis means swelling of the membrane that covers the brain. This disease occurs because of worm’s infection named meningo coccus. In this disease, the patient prates and feels irritation. Temperature of the patient rises 105 to 106 degree with headache. The patient does not sleep and he feels spasm in the muscles. Body of the patient is erect but neck bends towards below. Black portion of the eyes reaches towards upper side and white portion of the eyes is seen.

Treatment :

  1. Meningitis is cured by taking 3-6 grams bark of croton oblongifolius root with five leaved chaste and bondue nut. If the disease is serious, take this medicine at the interval of 6-8 hours.
  2. Grind cleome biscosa of yellow flowers leaves and apply on the head. Its use ends meningitis.
  3. Meningitis disappears by taking one-gram powder of Indian birth root twice a day. Its use cools down fever temperature.
  4. A person gets relief in fever and pain by massaging all over the body by the oil of laccifer lacca.
  5. Take 1\4 gram to half-gram impure carbonate of potash twice or thrice a day. Its use ends meningitis.
  6. Take 10-20 ml juice of five leaved chaste twice a day. Besides it, grind leaves of bondue nut, neem and datura altogether. Heat this paste and tie on the head in a little heat condition. Its use ends meningitis.
  7. Brain remains fresh and cool by drinking syrup of lemon (shikanji).

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