5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Delirium” its symptoms and reason


What is Delirium:

In this situation, a person utters such things that have no proper sense. When the affected person soliloquizes although none is there to listen to him, it is called Delirium. In this disease, the patient pronounces such words and sentences which are impossible to understand. In this way, soliloquy, laughing, weeping and sound with the help of lips is called Delirium.


The main cause of delirium is high fever or disturbed mind.


In this disease, a person loses his common sense and aggravates upon tiny things soon.


  1. Blood circulation becomes normal if the patient licks half to one-gram powder of spikenard with honey and nerves become strong. Phlegm comes out after diluting and temperature cools down. This medicine is very useful if there is disorder in kapha, pitta and vata.
  2.  Delirium caused by high fever ends by taking 10-20 ml juice of viscum album flowers twice a day.
  3.  Delirium caused by high fever ends by taking 1-2 grams opium of prickly lettuce.
  4.  Prepare a decoction by boiling Stereospermum suaveolens and give 20-40 ml decoction to the patient to drink. Its use ends delirium caused by fever.
  5.  Prepare a decoction by boiling the root of cowhedge and give to the patient to drink. Its roots juice also can be given to the patient in place of decoction. These formulae end delirium.
  6.  Boil clove, Indian valerian, Indian pennywort and caraway each one gram in 16 ml water until 1\4 ml water remains. Filter it and give to the patient to drink twice or thrice a day. Its use ends delirium caused by mental disturbance.

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