45 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Weak Memory” its symptoms and reason

Weak Memory

What is Weak Memory :

When a person suffers from any disease, the brain of the patient along with body becomes weak. Thus, memory of the victim becomes weak. In this modern era, a large number of people have been suffering from weak memory. Memory also becomes weak in the lack of nutritive meal.

Causes :

Causes of memory weakness are as physical weakness, sperm loss, excessive variability and excessive hunger for sex. Memory becomes weak also if a person involves in copulation always.

  1. Treatment :
  2. Immerse seven almonds in water at night and grind in the morning after peeling them. Take this preparation with milk. Memory strengthens by its use. If patients eyes are also weak along with weak memory, grind four black peppers with almond kernels. Boil this preparation in 250 ml milk until it boils three times. Thereafter, mix one spoon ghee and two spoons ground sugar or sugar in it and take. The weakness of the brain ends and memory strengthens by its use.
  3.  Grind almond kernels like sandal and take. Its use strengthens memory power. Ground kernels of almond digest easily.
  4.  Immerse ten kernels of almond in water at night and peel them in the morning. Take these kernels with 12 grams butter and sugar candy. Its use ends the weakness of the brain and the habit of forgetting.
  5.  Grind almond, aniseed and sugar candy each 10 grams and take with hot milk before going to bed. The weakness of the brain ends.
  6.  Grind almond kernels and aniseed each in equal quantity. Take this preparation with cold water before going to bed. Its use strengthens memory of a person.
  7.  Memory power enhances by drinking ground almond mixed milk on the empty stomach in the morning. Eat nothing until 2 hours.
  8.  Take three grams powder of Convolvulus pluricaulis with sugar candle treacle regularly for 3-4 weeks regularly. Its use strengthens memory and the brain develops well by its use.
  9.  Shuffle 10 grams green Convolvulus pluricaulis in milk and drink to strengthen memory.
  10.  Grind thickly Convolvulus pluricaulis, winter cherry and Indian pennywort (brahma booti) each 50 grams. Boil this preparation in 1.5-liter water until it remains one fourth. Filter it. Mix this preparation in 600 ml grapes juice and 300 grams raw sugar and boil again until it remains 1\4. Cool it after putting down the span. Take four spoons this preparation after having meal. It is beneficial for the growth of the brain and habit of forgetting ends.
  11.  Grind 200 grams sugar candy and 30 grams powder of black pepper corns after mixing in 200 grams panchang of Convolvulus pluricaulis. Take one spoon with one cup of milk. Its use enhances memory power.
  12.  Grind dry ginger, nut grass and gum of coccinia indica each 15 grams. Take this preparation with three raisins without seeds twice a day for one week regularly. Its use ends the weakness of the memory.
  13.  Grind 100 grams dry ginger and mix 5 grams ghee in it. Take this preparation with hot milk or water on empty stomach twice a day. Its use provides a lot of relief.
  14.  Grind 2 grams nigella and take by mixing 2 grams honey twice a day. Take it, it strengthens memory.
  15.  Take four spoons juice of grapes mixing with water after having meal regularly. Its use helps in the growth of the brain and enhances memory.
  16.  The weakness of the brain and nerve disappear by eating one or two apple before meal. Do not peel the apple.
  17.  Mix 35 ml juice of green Indian gooseberry with water and take after having half meal. Its use reforms health after strengthening the weakness of the brain.
  18.  The memory increases by eating jam of Indian gooseberry regularly.
  19.  Mix 125 ml carrot juice in 500 ml milk properly and take twice a day. Its use enhances memory. The patient should eat almond kernels before the use of this preparation.
  20.  The memory enhances by taking carrot pudding (halava) for two months regularly.
  21.  The brain develops well by taking the juice of new plants of wheat for 40 days regularly.
  22.  Grind eight black pepper corns and mix with 30 grams butter. Take this preparation, it ends the weakness of the brain and refreshes it.
  23.  Mix one spoon ginger juice, 1\4 cup milk, sugar according to taste in one-cup juice of mango. The weakness of the memory ends by taking this preparation. Headache caused by weakness also disappears.
  24.  Prepare a fine powder by grinding 50 grams cardamom and 25 grams bamboo manna. Thereafter, take half spoon mixing with Indian pennywort juice or cubeb twice a day. Its use enhances memory and develops to the brain.
  25.  The weakness ends by taking lichi, coconut and pistachio.
  26.  Immerse 60 grams pulse of kidney beans in water at night. Grind this pulse in the morning and take with sugar candy mixed milk. Its use ends weak memory and enhances it.
  27.  Make sweet meats (laddu) by mixing sesame and jiggery each in equal quantity. Take 1-1 sweet meat twice a day followed by milk. Its use ends the depression and weakness of the mind because sesame contains protein in rich quantity.
  28.  The shape of the walnut resemblances to the brain therefore brainpower enhances by eating walnut. Memory power enhances by its use.
  29.  Boil 125 grams coriander in half-liter water until it remains one fourth. Filter it and mix 125 grams sugar candy in it until the mixture thickens. Lick 10 grams this preparation to end the weakness of the brain and memory power becomes well.
  30.  Grind cinnamon and sugar candy each in equal quantity to prepare powder. Take 3-4 grams this preparation with milk to end brain weakness. Its use ends the problem of weak memory.
  31.  Dry flowers and leaves of shoe flower and grind. Fill this preparation in a bottle. Take 1-1 spoon this powder twice a day with sweet milk. Its use enhances sexual and memory power.
  32.  Take three spoons gulkand (rose flowers boiled with sugar) twice or thrice a day to enhance memory power. The oil of rose flower is also cool so it should apply in the head.
  33.  Prepare a powder by grinding stem of sweet flag and take half-half grams this powder with milk, water or ghee twice a day regularly for one month. Its use enhances memory.
  34.  Cook 10 grams powder of sweet flag with ground sugar and take 10-10 grams regularly twice a day. Its use ends habit of forgetfulness.
  35.  Grind 10 grams dry Indian pennywort, one kernel of almond and three black pepper corns with water. Prepare three small poultices of this preparation. Take one poultice with milk twice a day regularly, it provides strength to the brain.
  36.  Prepare a fine powder by grinding 3 grams Indian pennywort, 3 grams convolvlus pluricaulis, 6 grams kernel of almond and 3 grams seeds of cardamom. Dissolve this powder in water and mix sugar candy in it. Its use provides relief in cough, fever due to bile disorder and lunacy.
  37.  Mix equal amount of fresh juice of Indian pennywort and ghee properly. Take it to strengthen to the brain.
  38.  Dry soft leaves of pipal tree and prepare powder by grinding them. Mix equal amount of sugar candy in it and take half-half spoon with milk twice a day. Its use improves memory power and ends epilepsy, unconsciousness, lunacy, suspicion, headache and coryza.
  39.  Grind 75 grams aniseed, 15 grams rumi mastgi and 75 grams kernels of almond with 10 ml milk or water. Take this preparation at the night before sleeping. Its use ends the habit of forgetfulness and memory power enhances.
  40.  Grind aniseed and take out their kernels. Take one-one spoon with cold water or hot milk twice a day. Its use ends the weakness of the brain and enhances memory.
  41.  Phosphorus is found in rich quantity in soya that cures several diseases of the brain and its tissues as epilepsy, hysteria, weak memory, rickets and diseases of lungs. A substance named lecithin is found in soya flour. Its use provides a lot of relief in tuberculosis and diseases of the brains tissues.
  42.  Tomato destroys the weakness of the brain and irritation. Its use ends mental exhaustion and normalizes it. Therefore, we should eat tomato regularly to destroy weakness of the brain.
  43.  Dry banyan bark in shadow and make the fine powder by grinding it. Mix sugar or sugar candy in double quantity than powder. Take it 6 grams twice a day to end the weakness of the brain. We should not eat sour things during the treatment.
  44.  Cinnamon checks the orientation of a dangerous enzyme named acitilco lynesteire. This enzyme breaks the hormones of brain messenger named acetylcholine. Cinnamon is used for enhancing memory power and controls the disease named alzyemrs.
  45.  Grind 10 basil leaves, 5 kernels of almond and 5 black peppers with a little honey. Mix this preparation into cold water to make syrup. Drink this preparation; it ends weakness of the brain.
  46.  Have basil leaves regularly, it improves brainpower.


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