35 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Stammering” its symptoms and reason


What is Stammering:

Repeating a word, stopping while speaking and becoming unable in appropriate pronunciation while speaking words in a fast way is called, stammering. A stammerer cannot utter words or sentence in proper way while pronouncing such words as pa, ba, ta, da, ga and ka. He feels difficulty in pronouncing these words and speaks in a lisping way. Some children and persons lisp because of fat tongue.

Causes :

If the control power on the nerves of muscles has a fault, a person feels problem while uttering words. Consequently, the person becomes the victim of stammering or lisping. Such types of diseases produce because of fat tongue.

Treatment :

  1. Mix 3-6 grams ghee with sugar candy and lick twice a day. Milk should be drunk necessarily after its use. The patient of this disease gets relief if this formula is followed for some months regularly.
  2.  Immerse 10-12 almonds in water and unpeel them after wetting properly. Thereafter, grind these kernels of almond and take mixing with 25-30 grams butter. Its regular use for some months cures this disease named stammering.
  3.  If a child has difficulty while uttering a word, 1\4 gram to half-gram powder of Indian penuywort should be given to the child twice a day. Moreover, 2-4 leaves of Indian penuywort should be given to the child to chew.
  4.  Mix 10 ml milk in 250 grams powder of black peppers and keep in a pot. Take 2-2 grams this powder with butter twice a day, it is beneficial for the treatment of stammering.
  5.  A stammerer gets relief if he sucks euphorbia hirta roots by keeping it in a betel leaf.
  6.  Prepare a powder by grinding sweet flag, sweet costus root, winter cherry and small pepper. Take one gram this powder mixing with honey. Lick this preparation, it makes voice clear and the victim becomes free from this disease named stammering.
  7.  Grind East Indian globe thistle, Indian pennywort, toasted dry ginger and long pepper. Fill it in a bottle after filtering. Mix honey with ten grams this powder and take twice a day regularly. Its use ends stammering.
  8.  Chew cinnamon regularly twice a day, it ends stammering.
  9.  Grind pudding pipe tree and green coriander properly. Take this paste mixing with water regularly for 21 days. Tongue sharpens and stammering ends by its use.
  10.  Stammering ends by rubbing the milk of prickly poppy on the tongue.
  11.  Stammering ends by eating 40-80 grams garden purslane regularly twice a day.
  12.  Sometimes, a person does not utter properly because of defective tongue. In this condition, grind fresh leaves of small Indian pennywort and take 10-20 grams paste twice a day regularly. Its use provides a lot of relief in this disease.
  13.  Mix sugar candy in ghee prepared from Indian pennywort each 6-10 grams. Take this preparation twice a day; it ends stammering, lisping and hoarse voice.
  14.  Grind pyllitory root, cinnamon each 12 grams and 6 grams black peppers corns. Take one pinch this preparation as a dose and rub it into the mouth regularly twice a day. Its use reduces tongue fatness and thus, stammering ends.
  15.  Boil 5 grams ground aniseed in 300 ml water until 100 ml water remains. Mix 50 grams sugar candy and 250 ml milk in this water and take before sleeping. Its regular use for some days ends stammering.
  16.  Boil one date palm in milk and drink this milk. Do not take water for 2 hours after its use. Its regular use ends stammering and unclear voice becomes clear.
  17.  Mix half spoon nigella oil into two spoons honey and apply on the tongue twice a day. This medicine is useful for cracked teeth in lack of calcium, hair fall and lips pain.
  18.  Grind separately by taking small cardamom, greater galangal, pyllitory, sweet flag and cloves. Powder of each should be 25 grams. Thereafter, mix 5 grams musk in this powder. Take half spoon this preparation in Indian pennywort juice after having meal regularly for 2-3 months. Take 3-3 corks full sarswatarisht with equal water twice a day along with the powder. Its use provides relief.
  19.  Grind pyllitory and black pepper corn each in a little quantity. Mix this powder with one spoon honey and put on the tongue for 4-6 weeks twice a day. Its use provides relief.
  20.  Keep a stem piece of fresh sweet flag into the mouth and suck twice a day regularly. Its regular use for 3 months cures this disease.
  21.  Mix half to one-gram powder of sweet flag with honey and eat twice a day. Stammering ends by taking this medicine.
  22.  Grind greater galangal, sweet flag, and Indian pennywort and convolvulus pluricaulis altogether. Take one-one spoon this powder twice a day. Stammering ends within some weeks by its use.
  23.  Take half spoon powder of ripe fruit of pipal tree twice a day, it is useful for the treatment of stammering. Voice becomes clear by its use.
  24.  Suck leaves of Indian cinnamon for some days regularly, it ends stammering.
  25.  Keep Indian cinnamon under the tongue. Its use ends stammering.
  26.  Grind some corns of black pepper and 7-8 kernels of almond for preparing sauce.
  27.  Grind black pepper corns and sal ammonic. Mix 50 grams honey after filtering it. Rub three grams this powder and allow to dirty water to fall down. This medicine clears voice and ends stammering.
  28.  Give a fruit of Indian gooseberry powder to the child for chewing because its use clears the voice after sharpening the tongue. Stammering and lisping end by its use.
  29.  Suck raw, ripe and green Indian gooseberry fruit many times a day. Stammering ends by its use.
  30.  Mix puffed borax and rub on the tongue. Stammering ends by its use.
  31.  Keep one gram toasted borax upon the tongue and rub in a slow motion. Its use ends stammering and lisping.
  32.  Mix sugar in butter and give to the person who is the victim of stammering. Its use sharpens the fat tongue and thus, stammering ends.
  33.  Prepare a powder by mixing black pepper powder in butter and give to the patient to eat. Stammering ends by its use.
  34.  Stammering ends by keeping alum piece equal to green kidney bean (moong) into the mouth before going to bed.
  35.  Toast alum and keep two grams on the tongue. Gargle with this water after 4-5 minutes. Its regular use for some months is beneficial.


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