15 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Lips Diseases” its symptoms and reason

Lips Diseases

What is Lips Diseases:

There are two lips. Upper lip is called aushth and lower lip is called adhar in Hindi language. Both are called lips. Diseases of the lips occur because of the blow of vata, pitta, kahpa, tirdosha, blood, flesh and eyes diseases.

Symptoms :

If diseases of lips occur because of vata disorder, the color of the victim becomes black and he feels pricking pain in them. The lips become pale and pimples appear around the lips along with pain and inflammation if the cause of this disease is pitta disorder. The lips become cold, smooth and heavy along with itching if the cause is related to kaphaz. The victim suffers from light pain and body skin color pimples too. All the above symptoms appear in the body if the cause is tirdoshaz. The lips look red like ripe dates along with pimples if the cause is raktaz. In this case, blood flows from the lips too. Lips become thick and bulgy tumor of flesh in the disease caused by flesh related disorders. The patient suffers from swelling in the jaws and gums. If lips diseases occur because of eye diseases, the lips become like ghee and rice water along with itching. A kind of pus comes out pure like crystal and the wound is soft and does not heal up easily. Either one or both lips get rip or split because of blow. Tumors occur along with itching and pain.

Treatment :

  1. Wash butter of cow milk with water 100 times and thereafter mix camphor in it. Apply this paste on lips, it ends lips diseases.
  2. If spider urinates on the lips, burn the bark of watermelon and apply this ash on the lips.
  3. Grind pyllitory root and Indian mustard. Apply this powder on the lips thrice a day after sieving.
  4. Grind gallnut with milk or water and apply on the lips before sleeping. Lips become thin by its regular use.
  5. Heat 20 ml almond oil upon high temperature (badam rogan) and pour wax in it. Put down the pot and then mix white catechu and collyrium in it a person gets relief in cracked lips, lips without layer and scale. Lips become soft and tender by its use.
  6. Keep some rose flowers in a little milk and grind them after some time. In this way, milk will be light pink. Thereafter, grind almond kernels with this milk and make thick paste. Keep it in freeze. After some time apply it on the lips and clean with the help of wet cotton wad. Its regular use makes lips soft and red.
  7. Mix a little saffron in fresh milk and apply upon the lips. Its use enhances their glow after removing blackness.
  8. Shuffle one spoon cream with one spoon milk and mix saffron in it. Put this preparation in freeze. Apply this paste on the lips after some time and leave it for a few minutes. Thereafter, cleanse your lips with cotton wad. This formula makes them pink like rose along with softness.
  9. Make a powder by grinding bark of acacia Arabica and apply on the lips and their blisters. Blisters and syphilis disappear by its use.
  10. Grind seeds of gourd and apply on the lips, their blister and tongue. Its use ends blisters.
  11. Lips become soft and beautiful by applying pure ghee on the lips before going to bed.
  12. Ghee, applied on the bread, softens cracked lips.
  13. Put 14 spoon oil of groundnut and rub upon the palms. Thereafter, rub this oil on the lips with the help of the fingers. Its use proves good for beautiful lips.
  14. Application of glycerin on the cracked lips and skin provides relief.
  15. Grind petals of rose flowers and mix a little glycerin in it properly. Apply this paste on the lips. Its use ends the blackness of the lips.
  16. Apply castor oil on cracked lips. Its use provides relief.

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