15 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Dry Mouth” its symptoms and reason

Dry Mouth

What is Dry Mouth:

Sometime, the mouth and tongue dry in the lack of water or due to bile disorders. The patient licks his lips with tongue repeatedly. The tongue of the patient sticks with the mouth palate in the lack of wetness of the mouth. Gloominess appears on the patients face.

Treatment :

  1.  Burn seeds of musk mallow and fill its smoke into the mouth. Shut up your mouth for some time. Its use ends dryness of the mouth.
  2.  Grind sandal with coconut water and give 20 grams to the patient to drink. Its use ends dryness of the mouth. The patient feels no thirst repeatedly after its use.
  3.  Mouth dryness ends by chewing bark of tilca. Its use creates excessive salvia in the mouth.
  4.  Suck the gum of acacia Arabic. Dryness of the mouth ends completely by its use.
  5.  Extract juice of xanthium atrumarium leaves and take 20 ml twice a day regularly. Its use makes excessive saliva in the mouth and dryness of the mouth and throat ends.
  6.  Boil stone flower in water by mixing sugar candy and cumin seed. Take it twice a day; it ends dryness of the mouth and tongue.
  7.  Dryness of the mouth caused by bile disorder ends by taking 10-20 grams jam of Indian gooseberry twice or thrice a day.
  8.  Mix 10-20 grams tinospora with honey and take. Take cumin seeds and sugar candy mixed syrup after drinking this syrup. Its use ends the inflammation of the throat and mouth due to dryness.
  9.  Mix 10-20 ml juice of white coach grass or green coach grass with sugar candy to prepare syrup. Its use ends mouth dryness produced due to excessive bile.
  10.  Mix 3-6 grams powder of myrolelans with honey and take twice a day regularly. Dryness of the tongue ends by its use.
  11.  Mix nutmeg in 480 grams jiggery and take twice a day. Its use provides relief.
  12.  Prepare a decoction by boiling myrolelans and take. Its use cures all the mouth diseases.
  13.  Mouth dryness ends by keeping wet root of blumea aurita into the mouth.
  14.  Chew kernel of coconut and sugar candy. Its use provides relief if tongue has been cut by using betel leaf.

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