10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Shock And Collapse” its symptoms and reason

Shock And Collapse

What is Shock And Collapse:

A person, victim of shock, has no awareness and he becomes inanimate without showing any reaction or speaking. If the victim suffers from excessive vomiting, hands and feet of the patient must be massaged. If breath of the victim is running in this stage, do not start treatment by himself.

Causes :

A person becomes the victim of shock when a person feels excessive weakness. Injury upon soft or tender organ and upon the brain can be the cause of shock. A person gets great shock if he hears sad information.

Symptoms :

In this disease, body of a person does no action and his pulse rate and body temperature both reduce. Hands and feet of the patient become cool. The patient keeps on lying on the bad without any movement as if he were a corpse. However, the difference between shocked person and dead person is that we can see our reflection in shocked persons eyes but there is no reflection in a dead body eyes.

Treatment :

  1.  Give half gram to one-gram powder of spikenard mixing with honey to the patient to eat. Its use provides a lot of relief in this condition.
  2.  If a person often becomes the victim of shocks because of excessive weakness, one-cup coconut milk should be given to him regularly twice a day. The patient does not become the victim of shock repeatedly and his weakness will be disappeared.
  3.  Take 3-6 grams winter cherry (asgandh naguri) powder with ghee and sugar mixed milk. Take it, it ends ligament weakness and the person does not suffer from shock repeatedly.
  4.  Immerse 20 grams black gram (chana) and 25 grams currants in cold water in the evening. Take these in the morning on the empty stomach. Its use provides relief and the patient does not become the victim of shock.
  5.  Immerse Convolvulus pluricaulis, Indian pennywort and sweet flag root Indian pennywort juice and make the powder after drying all material. Take half to one gram this powder mixing with ghee and honey twice a day. Its use provides relief in shock.
  6.  Grind sweet beet and alva ber with water and pour 2-4 drops into nose after filtering. Its use provides relief in shock condition.
  7.  If the cause of shock is congested blood due to cold, blood circulates by applying singi and the patient becomes well.
  8.  Grind soap and ochre properly. Apply this powder on any type of the wound. Wound will fill soon by its use and the patient will become well.
  9.  If a person becomes the victim of shock because of sore, apply toasted alum on the wound. Its use provides relief.


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