10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Photophobia” its symptoms and reason


What is Photophobia:

When light becomes hard to bear or face for the eyes viz eyes start dazzle as a person goes in light, it is called photophobia.

Treatment :

  1.  Apply golden thread in the eyes like collyrium regularly. Its use provides relief in eye diseases.
  2.  Take 10-20 ml juice of five leaved chaste leaves twice a day, if provides relief in photophobia.
  3.  Mix juice of croton oblongifolius root, five leaved chaste leaves and bondue nut altogether. Take 3-6 ml this juice twice a day to treat photophobia.
  4.  Mix sesbenia grandifloura leaves and flowers juice and pour into the patients nose. Its use ends this problem.
  5.  If a child is the victim of photophobia, pour mother milk in the child eyes drop by drop. Its use cures many eye diseases.
  6.  Pour buffalo milk into the eyes by after drop regularly. Its use cures photophobia.
  7.  Grind dry Indian gooseberry, aniseed, sugar or sugar candy each 125 grams properly. Taking 1-2 spoons this powder with cow milk cures all the eye diseases and eyesight also enhances by its use.
  8.  Mix 6-10 grams mahatriphaladi ghee in sugar candy mixed cold milk and give to the victim to drink. Its use ends photophobia, inflammation, redness, pain in eyes and other diseases of the eyes are cured. Wash the eyes with triphala water; it is also beneficial in this problem.
  9.  Mix sugar candy with 6 grams triphala powder and take. Triphala decoction should be drunk after having meal. These formulae end photophobia.
  10.  Eyes should wash twice or thrice a day to get relief.
  11.  Immerse cotton wick in prickly poppy milk and dry in shadow. Immerse and dry this cotton piece in prickly poppy milk about 16 times. Make a wick of this cotton and burn it by keeping it into castor oil. Make collyrium by its flame. Apply this collyrium into the eyes. Its use enhances eyesight and there is no need to wear specs in future. The disease named photophobia ends by its use.
  12.  Grind a horn of stag with woman milk and apply into the eyes twice or thrice a day. Eyesight will enhance by its use and photophobia will be cured.

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