10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Depression” its symptoms and reason


Causes :

A person can become the victim of depression because of several causes in life. It can occur because of failure, contemplation about family, illness or many other causes. The main cause of depression is lack of confidence or total loss confidence. When there is a lack of confidence, a person becomes the victim of depression. Depression can occur in human life due to lack of anything.

If a person surrounded by anxiety or troubles, he should not hide these problems in heart. He should share his problems with others viz relatives or friends because they console him and in this way he gets a solution of his problems. Try to pass the time with your friends so that you may not feel loneliness and remain far from depression. You should go library, museum and in cultural programs where you will feel light by doing this. In this way, you will get a power viz confidence fighting against problems and difficulties. If there is lack of sleeping at night, you should read light short stories or listen to stories.

If you want to reach anywhere on right time, you should left home early. There is no need to be worry if you are delay because of any cause. If there is a pressure or load of work, you need not to be nervous but do the work patiently. Do not work constantly while finishing the work but eat something or do something you like according to taste or interest. You can also walk. When you feel exhaustion while working, gossip with your friend. You should not be obstinate if you want to get free from depression. Contemplation is better than worry. A person should pray to GOD. Depression reduces by doing this.

Treatment :

  1.  Grind cinnamon with water and apply on the forehead. Its use stops headache and ends depression.
  2.  Jasmine is good medicine for the treatment of depression.
  3.  If a weak person has been suffering from depression, he should smell henna flowers and apply its flowers paste on the forehead.
  4.  Grind soap nut fruit with 1-2 black peppers and pour 4-5 drops of this preparation into the nose. Its use ends migraine.
  5.  Mix one spoon purgative oil with three spoons olive oil. Massage head with this oil after cutting hair. Its use vanish depression.
  6.  If there is excessive inflammation or heat, extract juice by grinding coach grass and apply all over the body. The person gets a lot of relief by its use.
  7.  Mental weakness ends and memory enhances by taking sweet beet juice or its salad.
  8.  Drink 250 ml juice of carrot regularly ends depression. Persons, who work in offices or students who are preparing for examination should take carrot juice necessarily. Its use proves very beneficial.
  9.  Mix one spoon oil of nigella in one cup of hot water. Drink this preparation at night before going to bed. Its use ends depression.
  10.  Prepare a paste by grinding flowers of Persian lilac. Its use ends the itching of the brain.
  11.  Grind castor root with edipta Alba juice and smell. Its use creates sneezing and headache ends.

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