10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Brain Hemorrhage” its symptoms and reason

Brain Hemorrhage

What is Brain Hemorrhage:

Inside the brain when the veins of the brain burst because of any reason and blood comes from the veins, it is called brain hemorrhage. In this disease, the patient becomes unconsciousness because of bleeding from the brain.

Treatment :

  1. Shuffle seeds of horseradish tree and tircuta with the juice of sesbania grandifloura root. Make the patient smell this preparation. Its use breaks unconsciousness caused by brain hemorrhage.
  2.  Put the powder of horseradish tree seeds or dry grapes into the nose of the patient. Its use breaks unconsciousness caused by brain hemorrhage.
  3.  Take about half gram civet with wine or any other medicine. Its use ends unconsciousness caused by brain hemorrhage.
  4.  Mix gum in 2-5 drops of Indian vulerian oil and take with the decoction of cinnamon. The disease named brain hemorrhage is cured by its use.
  5.  Grind spikenard and apply upon the eyes of the patient like paste. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
  6.  Oil is obtained by crushing the leaves of rosha grass. Unconsciousness breaks by pouring a few drops of this oil into the nose.
  7.  Mix half-gram seed of croton oil seed in one-drop oil or butter. Loose motions start by licking this paste. Mix one-drop oil with butter and put on the tongue of the patient. The patient returns in his senses. When the patient suffers from excessive loose motions, grind catechu with water and mix with lemon juice. Drink this preparation, it reduces loose motions.
  8.  Give dates (sulamani) after grind or shuffling to those persons who often become the victim of unconscious. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
  9.  Pour onion juice into the nose of the unconscious patient. Its use breaks unconsciousness.

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