10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Anger” its symptoms and reason


What is Anger:

When a person has to work against his will or there is tension because of any reason, he shows his tension through his voice or his attitude. It is called anger. Voice of the angry person becomes heavy and he speaks with irritation. Mostly, anger occurs because of bile disorders, disorders in ligaments and mentally tension. If there is anger in normal condition or conversation, it is due to bile disorder.

Treatment :

  1.  Take 1-2 gram powder of rauwolfia serpentina everday before going to bed. Its use ends the anger and irritation gently. This formula cools down the anger that produces because of high blood pressure or other reasons.
  2.  Take sugar candy and black pepper corns with 10 ml juice of corchorus olitorius. Its use ends anger and irritation produced due to bile. Besides it, the patient evacuates clearly and his constipation breaks by its use.
  3.  Take about 3-6 grams powder of winter cherry (nagauri) mixing with sugar candy and ghee with lukewarm milk twice a day. Its use ends ligament disorder and the patient becomes free from anger.
  4.  Anger cools down by eating the powder of sweet flag root mixing with honey twice a day regularly.
  5.  Mix 7-10 ml juice of tinospora with honey and take twice a day. Its use soothes anger produced due to bile disorder.
  6.  Anger comes down by taking 25-50 ml decoction of fiumaria indica twice a day. Its use ends the heat produced due to bile. Anger cools down by its use.
  7.  Inflammation and giddiness as well as anger disappear by eating 1-2 jam of Indian gooseberry.
  8.  Prepare a decoction by boiling panchang of mimosu pudica. Take bath with this water, it ends irritation and soothes anger.
  9.  Mix honey with about half gram muktapisti and lick. Its use cools down anger and irritation.
  10.  A person should drink 15 ml lemon juice for normalizing fast heart pulsation because of anger.

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