Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Fever Due To Fear” its symptoms and reason

Fever Due To Fear

What is “Fever due to fear :

When fever comes because of fear or frightening by anyone, it is called fever due to fear.

Symptoms :

In this disease, the patient suffers from such symptoms as lose of weight, contraction in hair roots, trembling in the body, excessive weakness, delusion and pain in the body.

Food and abstinence :

Use of bitter juice, shignufal, trichosanthes dioica, rasonkand, digestive food, old rice, wheat, horse gram and pungent or liquid substances is useful for the patient of this disease. Massage all over the body or fomenting with water is beneficial for health.

The patient should not take cold food. He should not sleep during day. He should avoid from such things as bath with cold water, copulation and winds that blows from east.

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