Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Delusion” its symptoms and reason


What is Delusion :

There are several doubts and desires in human mind and when they do not fulfill because of any reason, several types of tensions occurs in a person’s mind. It is called delusion. In real, it is not a disease but it is an ailment of the mind only.

Causes :

The causes of this ailment are as fear, sadness, sudden grief, weakness in nervous system, injury, intoxication and excessive lack of sperm. Besides these there are other causes of delusion are as use of wine, excessive rage, despair, obstruction in work, unfulfilled desires, cheating in love and excessive contemplation.

Symptoms :

Negative thinking, gloominess towards family and children, longing for suicide, sadness towards life, no interest in worldly things, sinking in deep contemplation while laughing, love for loneliness, deep breathing and be silent are the symptoms of delusion.

Treatment :

Prepare a powder by grinding 2 grams dry ginger, 4 black pepper corns, 2 pods of long pepper and a little rock salt. Take this powder with milk before meal and sleeping. Its use proves very beneficial for the treatment of delusion.

Massage almond oil at the middle of the head to get calmness to the mind and there is no problem of delusion.

Suck liquorice root to get relief in delusion.

The patient should not take intoxicating substances. He should live happily forever. Confidence of the victim increases by doing this and there is no fear of delusion.

Mix dry ginger, long pepper and jiggery in Sesbania Grandifloura leaves juice. Pour 2 drops this juice into the nose provides relief.

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