Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Bed-Wetting” its symptoms and reason


What is Bed-Wetting :

Children urinate in the bed while sleeping at night if there is any kind of disorder in their nervous system. They urinate in the bed if there are worms in their stomach. There is too much excitement in the body if there is disorder in the nervous system. In this condition, the child is not able to control urine and urinates in the bed. Besides it, any disease in the ureter can be the cause of this disease.

Treatment :

A victim of the disease named bed-wetting gets free from this disease if 1-1 date palm is given to eat by cutting it into two parts.

Grind one dry grape without seed and give the victim to take with hot milk at night before sleeping. Its use cures Bed-wetting.

Mix raw sugar and ground dry water caltrops altogether. Take 1-2 grams this preparation with water twice a day to cures Bed-wetting.

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