60 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Apoplexy” its symptoms and reason


Introduction :

Unconsciousness and fit are the other names of apoplexy. In this disease, the patient falls down due to giddiness. The pulse and nerve of the affected person remain active constantly, but there is no movement in the body. Girls, victim of hysteria, suffer from epilepsy fits and apoplexy.

Causes :

Impure meal, suppression of urine and stool, excessive bile disorder, injury, use of wine, lack of good qualities and physical weakness are the causes of apoplexy. Congestion of blood in the head is a cause of apoplexy.

Symptoms :

In this disease, when a person becomes the victim of apoplexy, he falls down on earth like a statue or substance. The victim feels difficulty while breathing and he suffers from other symptoms. Such symptoms are as red face, low pulsation and the face of the patient pulls towards one side. A girl, victim of hysteria, first speaks loudly then laughs loudly and finally she falls down on the earth in unconscious condition. Her teeth bond altogether and there is clonus in her hands and feet.

Meal and abstinence :

Use of butter, raw coconut, custard apple, ripe papaya, ripe mango, brinjal, ripe gourd (kumhada), trichosanthes dioica, curd, pulse of kidney bean (urad), gram, green gram, lentil and old rice is beneficial for the patient. The patient should take milk, ghee, poori, pudding, sweet and semolina (suji). The patient should take soup of wild animal.

The patient should avoid from these things as cooked vegetable of leaves, coition with woman, suppression of urine and stool, walk in sunlight, anxiety, wrath, grief, use of wine, use of decayed foodstuffs and night vigil.

Treatment :

  1.  If a girl, patient of hysteria, becomes the victim of apoplexy, make the victim smell onion juice. Its use breaks apoplexy.
  2.  Unconsciousness breaks by pouring 4 drops of sesbania grandiflora leaves into the nostrils.
  3.  Take the powder of bayberry on a finger top and whiff near about the patient nose. Its use creates sneezing and unconsciousness breaks.
  4.  Make the patient smell of mint fragrance. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
  5.  Crush the leaves of mint and make the patient smell. This medicine proves beneficial in breaking unconsciousness.
  6.  Extract the juice of basil leaves and mix salt in it. Pour this preparation into nostrils to break unconsciousness or apoplexy.
  7.  Massage gently basil leaves juice upon the forehead and pour 2 drops of this juice into nostrils. Its use ends apoplexy.
  8.  Apoplexy breaks by sprinkling water on the face of victim.
  9.  Grind small pepper with water and apply in eyes. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
  10.  Sometimes, a woman becomes the victim of apoplexy because of abortion or injury in which she suffers from excessive bleeding. In this condition, the eyes of the victim stretch and there is rumbling sound of phlegm in throat. Massage with mustard oil on the body and head, it proves very beneficial. Besides it, make the patient drink ghee. These uses break unconsciousness.
  11.  Mix 2 spoons ginger juice and two spoons sugar candy in one-cup water. Make the patient drink this preparation. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
  12.  Mix ginger juice and honey each one spoon altogether. Make the patient lick this preparation to get desired relief.
  13.  The patient gets relief in unconsciousness caused by fever if ginger juice is given to him to smell.
  14.  Unconsciousness breaks by sprinkling the fine powder of black pepper into the nose.
  15.  Grind black pepper, pulp of plum, cus cus and saffron each in equal quantity. Mix this powder in water and give to the patient to drink.
  16.  Grind black pepper, rock salt, honey and emetic nut each in equal quantity. Make the patient smell this preparation to break unconsciousness.
  17.  Mix black pepper in basil leaves juice and make the patient smell it. Its use provides relief.
  18.  Grind black pepper corns, emetic nut, bassia lotifolia and sweet flag each in equal quantity with water. Make the patient smell. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
  19.  Keep black pepper powder into a channel and whiff near about the nose of the victim. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
  20.  Give smoke of benzoin into patient nose, it breaks unconsciousness.
  21.  Pour mother milk into the nose, it breaks unconsciousness.
  22.  Grind winter cherry (nagauri) and aspagarus racemosus each 6 grams and mix in 250 ml cow milk. Heat this preparation after mixing in 250 ml hot water and sugar candy. Its regular use for one-week ends unconsciousness caused by hysteria.
  23.  Mix one spoon Indian gooseberry juice in two spoons ghee. Make the patient drink this preparation. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
  24.  Boil dry ginger, wild egg plant, tinospora and root of pepper each in equal quantity with one-cup water. Make the patient drink this decoction. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
  25.  Crush 3-4 shreds in water and pour into the nose. Do this process after every attack of fit. The disease of Apoplexy ends forever by doing this.
  26.  Immerse pigeon pea in half cup of water for half an hour and thereafter pour this water into the nose drop by drop into the nostrils. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
  27.  Dissolve ground rock salt in water and pour into the nose. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
  28.  Grind rock salt, honey, emetic nut and black pepper corns each in equal quantity. Apply this preparation in patient’s eyes. This formula proves beneficial in this disease.
  29.  Cut a cucumber into pieces and put upon the eyes and head. Make the patient smell pieces of cucumber. This formula breaks unconsciousness.
  30.  Unconsciousness breaks by smelling cucumber piece.
  31.  Grind one-gram camphor and 6 grams white sandal with rose water. Apply this paste upon the victim’s forehead, chest and all over the body. This formula breaks Apoplexy
  32.  Grind camphor and asafetida each 3 grams into fine powder. Give half gram this preparation to the patient twice a day, it proves beneficial in Apoplexy.
  33.  Make the patient drink rosewater. Its use breaks unconsciousness. Fanning to the patient also help in breaking unconsciousness.
  34.  Unconsciousness ends by sprinkling water upon the victim’s eyes. Do this process when the patient becomes the victim of this disease due to heat.
  35.  Grind pomegranate, curd water, ash, puffed rice, sugar and white lotus with cold water and make the patient drink. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
  36.  Grind clove with milk or ghee and apply in victims eyes. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
  37.  Fill sal ammonic and lime each in equal quantity into a bottle. Keep it for some time by closing its cork. Open bottles cork near about the nose of the patient but remove at once. Follow this process many times. If the patient of hysteria has become unconscious, she will returns in her senses soon by its use.
  38.  Mix 1\4 gram powder of long pepper with honey and make the patient lick to break unconsciousness. Make the patient bath with freeze water or well water. This formula also helps in breaking unconsciousness.
  39.  Make the patient drink 30 ml juice of Onosma bracteatum twice a day. Its use breaks unconsciousness. This formula diagnoses heart and mind diseases.
  40.  Mix 0.12-gram juice of saffron with aniseed and make the patient eat. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
  41.  Grind soap nut and pour 2-3 drops into the nose of the victim. Its use provides relief soon and the patient returns in his senses.
  42.  Grind root of long pepper and rauwolfia serpentine to make a fine powder. Give 1-2 grams this powder to the victim of unconsciousness with aniseed juice twice a day. Its use breaks unconsciousness definitely.
  43.  The patient returns in his senses by the use of cold syrup. For it, make the patient drink this cold syrup. This formula breaks unconsciousness caused by bile.
  44.  Rub dry pods of cowhedge on the victim’s body. The victim returns in his senses by doing so. Massage the body of the victim with cow ghee to kill cowhedge poison.
  45.  Grind the pulp of tamarind with cold water and apply on the bald patches. Its use ends unconsciousness along with sunstrokes impact.
  46.  Mix sugar candy in apple juice and make the patient drink. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
  47.  Grind Indian mustard (rae) and make the victim smell. Its use ends apoplexy.
  48.  Grind garlic and make the patient of epilepsy smell. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
  49.  Massage jangli almond seeds powder on the head of the victim. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
  50.  Extract juice of henna leaves and make the patient drink 5-10 ml mixing with 250 ml milk. This medicine provides relief in apoplexy caused by cold or heat.
  51.  If a person suffers from apoplexy, mix turmeric and sugar in water. Make the patient drink this preparation to get desired relief.
  52.  The victim of apoplexy loses control over his body. He feels weakness and falls down because of darkness before the eyes. In this situation, boil one-cup water by mixing 10 grams coriander and four leaves of basil until it remains half. Cool this preparation. Pour this water into victim’s mouth with spoon and pour 4-5 drops into the nose. Unconsciousness breaks within sometime by doing this. Give 10 seeds of coriander, ginger and basil leaves juice each 4 drops with honey to the patient to drink. No heavy work should be given to the victim to do.
  53.  Boil dry grapes and Indian goose berry each in equal quantity and grind. Mix a little powder of dry ginger in this preparation and make the patient lick. This formula breaks
  54.  unconsciousness.
  55.  Immerse 25 grams dry grapes, sugar candy, pomegranate bark and cus cus each 12 grams after grinding in 500 ml water overnight. Sieve it in the ul2 morning and make three doses. Make the patient eat these doses thrice a day. Its use breaks unconsciousness.
  56.  Toast 100-200 grams dry grapes with ghee and mix a little rock salt in it. Eat 5-10 grams these dry grapes. Its use ends giddiness.
  57.  Grind seeds of albizzia lebbeck and black pepper each in equal quantity with goat urine. Apply this paste in the eyes to break unconsciousness caused by collapsing fever.
  58.  Sprinkle water on the face of the victim, it is good formula to break unconsciousness.
  59.  Unconsciousness breaks by pouring the juice of naagdon into victim’s nose.
  60.  Give 14-25 ml juice of palm leaves twice a day to the victim to drink. Its use provides relief in frenzy and unconsciousness.

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