5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Wax in the Ear” its symptoms and reason

Wax in the Ear

Introduction :

Each portion of our body has an exit to expel out the filth existed in body. In the same way, wax collects in our ear which is very essential to throw out. If this wax is not thrown out, it sticks inside our ear badly because of which hearing power reduces and the patient starts to suffer from earache.

Treatment :

  1.  Mix oil of almond, coconut or mustard and pour a few drops into ear before going to bed. Clean your ear with a cotton wad in the morning. If any oil described above is poured into ear, there is no wax in the ear and ears will be neat and clean.
  2.  Fill soap nut water into the ear with the help of a syringe. Wax in the ear will be soft by doing so. Abstract it out with the help of a cotton piece.
  3.  Dissolve ground rock salt in a little water and pour a few drops of it into the ear. After 15 minutes mix sweet eatable sora in lukewarm water and pour into the ear with the help of a syringe. Wax will be removed by this formula and thereafter clean your ear with a cotton wad.
  4.  Grind tinospora with water and pour 2-2 drops into the ear in lukewarm condition twice a day. In this way, wax will come out and ear becomes clean.
  5.  Ear wax comes out by taking the vapor of neem leaves into the ear. In this way, ear becomes neat and clean properly after this formula.
  6.  Ears become clean neatly by eating Edipta Alba and Cuttle fish bone.
  7.  Grind giloti with water and heat it a little. Pour it into the ear. In this way, wax or other thing existed in the ear will come out.
  8.  Cleanliness is necessary from the very beginning. If it is not done, wax will stick in the ear badly. A burl occurs in the ear of this wax. Oil or other thing does not enter at the depth of the ear because of burl of the wax. Therefore, pay attention upon the cleanliness of the ear from the very beginning. Small children cannot clean their ears themselves so cleaning their ears is the duty of their mothers. Oil should be poured into the ear time to time.

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