5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Tinnutus Aureum” its symptoms and reason

Tinnutus Aureum

What is Tinnutus Aureum:

Sometimes odd voices are heard as someone is whistling or playing the flute in the ear. Of course, there is no such type of sound. Such sounds are heard mostly at night. A person may be the victim of deafness if this disease is not treated at time.

Treatment :

  1. Prepare a mixture by mixing 6 ml ginger juice, 3 grams honey, one fourth gram rock salt and 3 ml sesame oil. Pour 2-3 drops of this mixture into the ear daily. Earache, tinnitus and deafness disappear by its use.
  2.  Heat mustard oil a little and pour into the ear. Its use provides a lot of relief if there is tinnitus because of cold.
  3.  Heat onion juice a little and pour 2-3 drops into the ear. The patients of tinnitus, earache and pus from the ear get relief by pouring this preparation.
  4.  Prepare oil by cooking yellow leaves of mudar, caraway, garlic and decoction of Prickly chalf flowers root, leaves, stem, fruit and flower and drop into the ear. In this way, ear diseases as Tinnitus, earache and deafness are cured by its use.
  5.  Mix jiggery and ghee with one spoon dry ginger and thereafter heat it a little. The disease named Tinnitus is cured by eating this preparation twice a day.
  6.  Prepare a powder by grinding 2 flakes of garlic without peel, one yellow leaf of mudar and 10 grams caraway. Cook this powder in 60 ml mustard oil and cook this material until all things burn. Fill this remaining oil into a bottle and pour 2-3 drops into ear 3-4 times a day. Earache, Tinnitus and deafness are cured by pouring this oil into ear.

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