5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Somnambulism” its symptoms and reason


What is Somnambulism :

Somnambulism is a strange disease that is found in a few persons. In this disease, the patient walks during sleep. The patient of this disease stands from his bed and walks. He works different deeds easily as a person does in senses during day. However, when he awakens in the morning, he forgets all his deeds done by him during night. A sum of mathematics solved by the patient during sleep is identified only by his signature. It is a strange disease produces because of disturbances ligament.

Treatment :

  1. Grind 1-2 gram poppy seeds with honey and give to the patient to eat before going to bed. The patient sleep soundly by its use and the patient gets free from this disease named somnambulism.
  2.  Mix 3-9 grams beleric myrobalan powder with honey and give to the patient to eat twice a day. Its use cures this disease.
  3.  Mix ghee, sugar candy and 3-6 grams powder of winter cherry (asgandh nagauri). Give this preparation to the patient with cow’s milk. Its use ends the weakness of ligament. Its use cures this disease.
  4.  Take half to one-gram powder of spikenard twice a day; it cures this disease named Somnambulism.
  5.  Take Indian pennywort, sweet flag and convolvulus pluricaulis each in equal quantity and drench in Indian pennywort juice in shadow and sunlight for 12 hours simultaneously. Now grind the whole mixture into fine powder. Take one-gram this powder mixing with honey or ghee ends neural weakness and the person gets free from this disease.

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