5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Otitis/Tumor in the Ear” its symptoms and reason

Otitis or Tumor in the Ear

What is Otitis or Tumor:

We hear through ear. Following are the parts of ear:

  1. External portion of the ear
  2. Middle portion of the ear which goes inside the tympanic membrane through the hole of ear and
  3. Further portion of the tympanic membrane where the tube of ear opens in the throat and it is called internal path of ear.

There is a membrane inside the ear of which frontal portion is called Eustachian tube. Swelling comes in the tube because of the effect of catarrh. In this case, swelling comes in the tube too and tumors occur there. Consequently, different kinds of voices as humming sound and voice of haun-haun are heard.

Treatment :

  1. Cook linseed oil in onion juice properly and pour it into the ear. Its use reduces otitis internal swelling.
  2. Grind the root of garlic with water and apply in the ear after heating it a little. Swelling at the back of the ear reduces by its use.
  3. Grind the soft and fresh leaves of holy sacred basil and castor each in equal quantity. Mix salt with this paste and apply at the back side of the ear. Its use vanish swelling.
  4. Grind nutmeg with water and apply on the swelling affected area of the ear. The swelling will disappear by its use.

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