10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Mumps” its symptoms and reason


What is Mump:

Swelling occurs because of inflammation under the ear because of which fast pain occurs. Consequently, the patient suffers from pain of convulsion in the jaw and both the cheeks.

Treatment :

  1.  Take 25-50 ml juice of banana fruit, it provides a lot of relief.
  2.  The patient of mumps gets relief if he sucks the piece of liquorice.
  3.  Mix liquorice decoction in common flax and take 45 grams thrice a day. Its use provides relief.
  4.  Grind the seed of irmed and orxylum indicum properly and apply on the swelling. Its use gets rid of a person from earache.
  5.  Application of extract of Indian berberin, it provides relief in mumps.
  6.  Mumps is cured by applying the ground pulse of pigeon pea.
  7.  Grind nigella and apply on the affected portion. Its use provides relief in mumps and swelling.
  8.  The swelling of the ear reduces by applying the juice of garden nightshade. Eat the sabji of Garden nightshade, it proves beneficial for the patient in this disease.
  9.  Boil the leaves of odina woodier and apply this water at the root of the ear. Its use provides relief.
  10.  Swelling of the ear vanishes by drinking 35 grams decoction of Gmelina Arberea root twice or thrice a day.
  11.  The patient gets relief soon by eating 1\4 grams powder of zanthoxylum rhetsa and gargling with its decoction.

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