10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Dementia” its symptoms and reason


Causes :

Some children are the victim of dementia by birth and some become its victim due to ailments. Brain does not develop properly if there is defect in the nervous system.

Symptoms :

Laughing, speaking and weeping without cause are the symptoms of dementia.

Treatment :

  1.  Boil two date palms in sugar candy mixed milk. Eating these date palms or drinking this milk develops brain fully.
  2.  Immerse Indian pennywort, sweet flag and convolvulus pluricaulis each in equal quantity three times and dry in shadow. Take 1 gram this preparation twice a day mixing with honey and ghee for many days. Its use is beneficial for the growth of the brain.
  3.  Take 2-gram raisin with sugar candy mixed hot milk, it develops to the brain.
  4.  Mix honey with 1\4 gram silver ash and make the child lick twice a day. Its use increases memory.
  5.  Eat 20 grams cashew nut before sun rising in winter and then lick honey. This formula enhances brainpower.
  6.  Grind equal amount of black pepper corns and sugar candy properly. Take this preparation thrice a day with one-cup milk. Its use ends the weakness of brain and enhances memory.
  7.  Persons of weak brain and nervous system should eat apple. Its use enhances memory and increases brain fully. So eat one apple with peels by chewing properly before 15 minutes of meal.
  8.  Take 3-6 grams powder of aspagarus racemosus root with milk twice a day. Its use increases brain.
  9.  Mix Ashoka tree bark and powder of Indian pennywort each in equal quantity properly. Take 1-1 spoon this powder with one-cup milk regularly for some months twice a day. It is good remedy for the growth of the brain.

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