10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Delusion and Hypochondriasis” its symptoms and reason

Delusion and Hypochondriasis

What is Delusion and Hypochondriasis:

Although there is no disease in a person’s body, yet he has false belief of suffering from some disease. In this way, disease occurs in the mind not in the body. This disease is called delusion and hypochondrias is.

Symptoms :

In this disease, the patient observes those things that are not existed in real. He keeps on hearing something and he talks to somebody although there is no person before him. He looks moving things. He feels that his body also moving round.

Treatment :

  1.  Mix myrolelans decoction with boiled ghee and give to the victim to drink. Its use cures this disease.
  2.  Grind Indian gooseberry, myrolelans and belric myrobalan each 3 grams properly. Lick this powder mixing with 3 grams honey. Mix 3 ml juice of ginger and 6 grams jiggery altogether and eat. Its use cures hypochondriasis.
  3. Crush coriander and Indian gooseberry each 6 grams and immerse in water at night. Crush it again in the morning and mix 20 grams sugar candy in it. Give it to the victim to drink. Its use cures the disease hypochondriasis caused by bile disorders.
  4.  Hypochondriasis caused by bile disorders is cured by drinking Indian gooseberry syrup regularly.
  5.  Mix 10 grams sugar candy with 6 grams seeds of country mallow and take. The disease named hypochondriasis is cured by its use.
  6.  Mix 30 grams ghee in 60 grams decoction of Arabian manna plant and drink. Its use cures this disease. Mix 1\4 gram bronze ash in this decoction and drink. Its use provides relief a lot of in this disease.
  7.  Make a powder by grinding small sandal (sarpgandha) and take 1-2 grams at night before sleeping. Its use ends the disturbances of ligament.
  8.  Give 1\4 grams powder of pauonia odorata to the patient twice a day. This medicine proves very beneficial in this disease.
  9.  Toast winter cherry (nagauri) and Ipomea digitata fruit each in equal quantity with ghee. Keep it in jar. Take two spoons this powder with sugar candy mixed cow milk twice a day, it proves very beneficial for the treatment of this disease.
  10.  Take 25-50 ml Oldenanldia carymbosas decoction to the treatment of hypochondriasis produced due to bile disorder.
  11.  Take either 20-40 ml decoction of cow hedge root or 10-20 ml juice of cow hedge. Its use cures hypochondriasis completely.
  12.  Hypochondriasis is cured by taking date (sulemaani) everyday.
  13.  Give cooked vegetable of marsilea minuta to the victim of Hypochondriasis or give 10 ml juice of it twice a day. Its use cures this disease.

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